Friday, January 21, 2011

Sick Days [frowning emoticon]

When I started the Redbook Experiment, I didn’t really consider the possibility of getting sick. Not sure why. I was pumped to start my diet and illness was far from my mind. And two and a half weeks in the inevitable happened—I got a cold. I should’ve been prepared. I mean it happens at the end of every term. I get stressed from grading a hundred plus papers, posting grades, and prepping for the new term and either my face breaks out or I get a cold.
This week kinda feels like a failure to me. When my throat started feeling stratchy on Monday, I still managed to get in a half hour of trampoline jumping, a half hour of weight-lifting to tone my arms, and my side planks. Tuesday I felt icky, but still did the side planks. Wednesday after work, my throat felt like it had been raked through a cheese grater, and on Thursday my voice had gone from sultry/raspy to a squeaky whisper. I haven’t exercised the way I would’ve liked, but I’ve stuck to the diet plan.
And as far as results go, I still have a day left.
You’ll have to wait and see.
Oh, the anticipation!

P.S. I haven't received my Feb. Redbook yet, though I've seen it on the stands. [twisting mouth] [long sigh] [cheesey nursery rhyme voice...which is pretty close to the way I sound now. Like a chain-smoking fairy godmother] When oh when will my magazine come? When oh when will it be?

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