Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Top Chef Recovery Plan: Take 2

3rd Week, Same as the 2nd, a Little Bit Harder and a Whole Lot Worseer…that doesn’t rhyme.

brown rice = yum!

To recap, I am giving Lakshmi’s Top Chef Recovery Plan a two week try, because even though she recommends giving it three to four weeks, I still have another celebrity’s plan from the Jan. 2011 issue of Redbook to try.
Still confused?
Breakdown of January’s Plans:
Week 1: Alison Sweeney’s “Shape-Up Week”
Week 2: Padma Lakshmi’s Top Chef Recovery Plan
Week 3: Padma Lakshmi’s Top Chef Recovery Plan
Week 4: Bethenny Frankel’s Yoga/Trust-Your-Instincts Plan (title a work in progress)
So this week, I’ll be focusing on these things again:
·         Run stairs for 45 minutes (I did it. I did it. [raising the roof] First time I tried, I ran stairs for 35 min! I was able to work up to 45 min. by Saturday! woot. woot. )
·         Trampoline jumping (Padma recommends jump rope, but all I had was the mini-tramp. I did this twice last week for about a ½ hour.)
·         And trim the tummy with side planks (I’ve only been able to hold the plank for 42 seconds. This week I’ll try to get to a minute. [fingers crossed])
Diet Don’ts:
·         No sweets (Aside from the sordid affair I had with a couple of brownies last week, I’ve done well on this rule.)
·         No red meat [sigh]
·         No alcohol (Not a drinker.)
·         No cheese, except low-fat cottage cheese (So I got fat-free cottage cheese and it was all right at first, but now I kinda gag at the thought. Truck through it, Rena.)
Diet Do’s (These are what Lakshmi actually eats for 3-4 weeks to take off the Top Chef pounds):
·         Veggies like peppers, onions, garlic, etc. (I’ve had broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, lettuce, spinach leaves, and onions.)
·         Brown rice (Bought some. It's pretty good.)
·         Fish (I’ve had Tilapia, but now I’m out. Will get fish next time I go to the store.)
·         Egg-white omelets (Had one. Haven’t been inclined to have another yet.)
·         Spice up your food instead of loading it up with creams and butter. (No problem.)

Padma does this workout and diet plan for 3-4 weeks in order to lose 10 lbs. Theoretically, I’ll be able to lose 5 lbs, since I’m doing it for half the time. Since I’ve already lost 2 lbs in week 2, I think this is a reasonable assumption. Let’s just hope I don’t start giving “bedroom eyes” to a bag of chocolate chips.

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