Thursday, January 13, 2011

Week 2 Mid-Week Progress:

Padma Lakshmi
I miss cheese.
But seriously the Top Chef Recovery Plan is working! I’ve already lost another two pounds! Thank you, Padma, and thank you, Redbook!

Diet Progress:
I haven’t been eating the exact same things as Padma Lakshmi, but I’ve kept the “Diet Don’ts” rules and made the “Diet do’s” my own. Here’s a sample day’s meals:

BreakfastEgg white omelet Scrambled egg whites with veggies
Lunch – Broiled chicken (seasoned with Cajun spices) and sautéed onions and green beans
Snack – Almonds (I eat way too many of these), baby carrots, fat-free cottage cheese, or a Clementine
Dinner – A small bowl of pasta with Normandy blend of veggies or Tilapia with veggies

I’m going to look for Vietnamese noodles on Saturday when I go shopping for the week, and I’ll pick up some brown rice too. I wonder if Lakshmi’s line of HSN spices, Easy Exotic, can be found in any stores. The diet has been pretty easy I’d say, except that I really miss cheese.

Running Stairs – I am so proud of my workouts this week. I didn’t think I could run stairs for 20 min. much less match Lakshmi’s 45 min, but on Monday I ran stairs for 35 min! I couldn’t believe it. I know that by the end of this week, I’ll nail my 45 min. goal!
Side Planks (see p. 116 of Jan 2011 issue of Redbook) – The side planks are amazing. I haven’t held the sit up position for a full minute yet, but I’m slowly increasing the time that I do hold it. First time I held it for only 21 seconds; second time 30 seconds; fourth time 35 seconds. It gets easier every time. Also, it doesn’t feel effective until the day after, and then there’s this tightness in the tummy that is so rewarding. I really like side planks.
Jump Rope – Turns out my daughter’s Dora the Explorer jump rope broke over the summer and my husband threw it out. (Of course I didn’t think to ask him about its whereabouts until after I tornado-ed my garage looking for the thing. Grrr. [sidenote: I did find my missing Soda flip flop so it wasn’t a total waste of my time]) Anyway, I decided to use my mini trampoline in lieu of the jump rope. (Is there a coalition of women out there called “Mothers who pee a little when jumping on a trampoline”? There should be. MWPLWJOT for short. Curséd vaginal birth. And just think 10-12 years ago I used to tease my mom for this very thing. FOR SHAME!)

Louboutins I'll never be able to afford.
I’ve decided to carry over my favorite aspect of “Shape Up Week” by Alison Sweeny (Sidebar: Alison looked INCREDIBLE in that grey dress during the weigh-in on The Biggest Loser Tuesday night.) into this week by pampering myself. So, I bought a fantastic pair of four-inch heel sling-backs. Best day ever.
I’ve been thinking of ways to reward myself for getting down to my goal weight: 145 lbs. What I really want is a pair of Louboutins. But I’m only a part-time teacher with a part-time salary. I have too much financial sense to lay down a mortgage payment on shoes. Louboutins are probably a pipe-dream. I’ll think on this more.

Well friends and fans, keep cheering me on and watch for week 2 results. Thanks for all your support!

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