Monday, February 28, 2011

Zumba Week Results:

The top of my treadmill. Just another way to motivate myself. The middle pic is a pic of me that my daughter drew.
 Here’s how I did last week:               
[Disclaimer: I am watching the Oscars while writing this blog, so it’s not my finest work. I get a little distracted by shiny things. And on that note, James Franco and Anne Hathway are HI-larious! Btw, watch out for little Oscar references.]
The Rules:
·         100 oz of WATER a day– Did awesome! It totally curbs the appetite. Downside or rather…side effect: having to pee all the friggin’ time. [Oscar note: How funny was that old guy who gave out the best supporting female actress award?! omgosh - someone just told me that was Kirk Douglas! I didn't even recognize him! Of course, I juggling a 2 year old and a plate of strawberry pancakes. Forgive my faux pas.]
·         6 TINY MEALS –Did great for the first 5 days, then spaced it the last two. I really like doing it this way, however, and I think I’m gonna keep this plan.  
·         LIMITED CHEESE – I think I only ate cheese 4 times this week.
·         NO RED MEAT – I only had meat 2 times, but not too shabby.  
·         FRUIT AS CARB SOURCE – I ate lots of fruit. Blueberries, strawberries, bananas, oranges, pineapple chunks, mango chunks, and peaches.
·         WHOLE GRAINS –I was supposed to cut out regular pastas, bread, and tortillas, and replace with whole grain or wheat versions, but Rick already spent our weekly grocery money on reg. stuff before I made this plan, so I’ll have to try again next week.
·         ZUMBA – I did the Cardio Party DVD on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Sat. So much fun! I also did the body tone one for about 13 minutes after three of the Cardio Party workouts.
·         RUN A MILE BEFORE WORK – I worked three days this week, so I ran once before work and did Hip Hop Abs before work on the other two days. [Hizzah for Natalie Portman]
Weight: 158 (sigh. It's the same.)
Hips: 42 in. (lost a ½ in.)
Waist: 29 in. (same)
Thighs: 25 ½ in. (lost a ½ in.)
It’s been a great week. Really fun with Zumba, and it’s been trimming my butt. Maybe in another month, I’ll look like Sandra Bullock in that beautiful red gown. Didn’t catch the designer. Oops. [Pause. Yay! Colin Firth just won the Oscar!!!! And a frowny emoticon for James Franco].
[And The King’s Speech just won best picture! Woot. woot.]

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zumba Week: February 20th – 27th (Week 4)

A daily reminder
My inspiration for this week’s plan comes from three people. First off, Jennifer Grey is the inspiration behind all of February’s exercise plans. She recently won Dancing with the Stars and her interview from REDBOOK influenced me to dance away the pounds this February. Secondly, my sister just ordered Zumba and after giving it a whirl last week, I’m pumped to give it a full week attempt. Lastly, I read a little vignette about Train’s lead singer, Pat Monahan. He has a few exercise secrets that I’ll be taking a crack at. Here’s the breakdown for the last week of February.
The Rules:
·         WATER – Part of the Zumba weight loss plan is to drink 100 oz. of water a day! Geez. I tried this on Sunday and only got to 84 oz. before I pooped out. However this technique really helped control my appetite. When I got the late-night munchies, I staved off the cravings with agua.
·         6 TINY MEALS – The Zumba plan also recommends eating 6 small meals a day, or rather 3 small meals and 3 snacks. The idea is to eat every 2 ½ - 3 ½ hrs. I can handle that, but it’s the small portions that will be tricky.
·         LIMITED CHEESE – Since I haven’t successfully cut out cheese since the two “Top Chef Recovery” weeks, I’m giving into the idea that I just need to limit my cheese. I will only eat cheese 3 or 4 times a week and only in one meal a day.
·         NO RED MEAT – I’ve had better success at this one, so I’m keeping it.

·         FRUIT AS CARB SOURCE – Zumba’s diet and snack suggestions state that I should be getting my carbs from fruit rather than breads and pastas. This should be easy since I have been stocking my fridge with fruits and veggies ever since the grocery cart makeover from January’s REDBOOK.
·         WHOLE GRAINS – At Zumba’s suggestion, I’m gonna cut out regular pastas, bread, and tortillas, and replace with whole grain or wheat versions. But I should try to get most of my carbs from fruits.
My little motivator
·         ZUMBA – Latin hip hop DVD. I’m going to do the Cardio Party and the toning DVD 5 times this week. Dance. Dance. Dance away the lbs. The Zumba weight loss plan advertizes the loss of a pant or dress size in a matter of 10 days. I like the sound of that. I think I’m very close to being a size 10. I can already fit into one brand’s size 10, but I can’t wait to fit into say…Old Navy’s size 10. Jennifer Grey will be there to propel me to my goal weight and size, which, to recap, are 145 lbs and a size 8 pant.

Giada Week: a Success!

Here’s how I did this week:

1.      No sugar. (Really dumb of me to try this during Valentine’s week. I ate a piece of our Valentine’s cake. Also it was parent/teacher conferences this week and I ate a bunch of mints while sitting at the table waiting for parents. However, at the PTA meal, I rejected the offer of a bag of three warm chocolate chip cookies and a slice of vanilla cake. Yay, me and my resolve!)

2.      No eating out. (I really thought this was gonna be easy as sugar-free pie. I am saving all my eat-out money for my Vegas trip in March, so I didn’t think I’d even be tempted. Then on Thursday, I took my daughter to the doctor in the morning and by the time we were seen and went to pick up the prescription, it was lunch time. Lane gets CRABBY when she’s hungry—as you can expect any 6 y.o. to get. I got her a corn dog and me a small serving of popcorn shrimp. I didn’t even eat the entire cup, because Lane kept asking me for some. I figure I ate about 300-350 calories of popcorn shrimp. That was the only time I ate out all week.)
3.      Workout with Hip Hop Abs and DWTS: Body Tone. Here’s the breakdown of my week:

TUESDAY: Hip Hop Abs and DWTS: Body Tone. I hated the Body Tone workout. The instructors only demonstrated the dance moves a couple of times and then went to tempo, and I felt lost. The video seems better fit for a more experienced dancer. I only have one “groove” bone in my body, and I guess it’s not the Latin one. So I returned the DVD to Netflix the next day and replaced that workout.

WEDNESDAY: None. Give me a break. I taught school all day and then went to p/t conferences. I left my house at 7am and didn’t get back until 8pm.
THURSDAY: Hip Hop Abs and I ran a 10 min. mile on the treadmill and walked a ½ mile.
FRIDAY: Hip Hop Abs and Hip Hop Abs (I did 2 back-to-back.)
SATURDAY: I ran a 9 ½  min. mile on the treadmill, walked a ½ mile, and later in the day my sister lent me her Zumba fitness pack, so I tried the Zumba Cardio Party 50 minute workout. I loved it! I’m going to carry this over to next week.

4.      No red meat. I did eat two tacos and spaghetti once this week, but I did OK otherwise.
5.      No cheese. I ate two tacos this week and I had ½ a quesadilla once for lunch. In addition, I had cheese on a sandwich and a sprinkle of bleu cheese on a salad.

Did all my hard work pay off? Or did my slip ups screw up my progress?
Drumroll, please…
WEIGHT: 158 (-1 lb! Yes! [fist bump])

HIPS: 42 ½ in. (same)
WAIST: 29 in. (I lost a ½ inch off my waist!)
THIGHS: 26 in. (This is a new addition. It’s a part of my body that I am very self-conscious about and I wanna track it’s progress too.)

Another successful weight-loss week, provided by REDBOOK. I doubt I can lose 3 lbs. in one week, but I think it’d be rad to go into March with only 10 more lbs to lose before reaching my goal.
Stay tuned for Zumba Week.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cooking from Redbook

Almonds on a pan

Since it’s Giada Week, I thought, I gotta try one of Giada’s recipes! The recipe I picked was the Almond Crunch Brittle (see p. 163 of the Feb. 2011 issue of Redbook). I can’t really eat sugar this week—talk about the hardest Valentine’s week EVER—but I made this little treat for my Valentine, Rick. Unfortunately, I botched the whole batch. I boiled the water and sugar, poured it over the almonds in a pan, and then the mixture turned back into granulated sugar. Wet, sticky grainy sugar. It was gross. I ended up making my sweetie a marble box cake. And I did eat a piece too. FOR SHAME! [heading for a confession booth—which is really a treadmill in diet world]
On the plus side, I’ve already lost another pound and it’s only the middle of the week. [booty celebration]

Another recipe I tried from Redbook is from the LOOK, COOK, EAT!  section. The recipe I tried—while taking a few liberties—was “Farfalle with sausage, roasted peppers, and arugula”. My version should be called, “Egg noodles with pan-fried chicken, sauteed peppers and red onion, and spinach leaves.” I used what I had. [shrug] It tasted amazing and felt light. The meal wasn’t a lump of carbs that sat in my stomach for hours.
Thanks, Redbook.

Egg noodles with pan-fried chicken, sauteed peppers and red onions, and spinach leaves

Monday, February 14, 2011

February Week 3: Giada Week!

No one likes food better than me…except for maybe Giada De Laurentiis, the vivacious and world-famous 5-time cookbook author and host of Giada at Home! (130, 133) And that body! [Jealous eyes, slacken jaw] She has the petite body of a pixy, or some mythical creature that doesn’t even eat food. [again with the jealous eyes] The combined qualities of amazing chef and fantastic body make Giada the perfect inspiration for this week’s Redbook health plan.
Welcome to Giada week, baby!
In a Q&A session by Lori Berger in the Feb. 2011 issue of Redbook, I learned all about how Giada handles a crisis, juggles work and family, and even about her insecurities while growing up. (Spoiler Alert: She was an early-bloomer developmentally, which matters so little now to her D cup-sized career. Love you, Giada! And your rack looks great!)
During the Q&A, Berger asked Giada about weight loss, and here’s how she did it:
Giada: “After Jade [was born], I knew I had to get [my sugar intake] under control. So I started using agave nectar instead—it’s sweeter, so you need less—and I started to see my body shrink” (134).
Rule one of Giada Week: No sugar. Use agave nectar in place of sugar or another substitute with less calories. Check. What’s next?
Giada: “There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal—nothing! When people ask me what the best restaurant in L.A. is, I say, ‘Uh, my house.’” (134).
Rule two of Giada Week: No eating out. You got it! But what about exercise?
Uh…nothing mentioned about exercise.
No problem. I’m dancing my way through February. Why stop now? I love love love Hip Hop Abs, so that’s a keeper, but I’m going to couple it with a new Dancing With the Stars workout DVD called DTWS: Body Tone.
            Rule Three of Giada Week: Workout with Hip Hop Abs and DTWS: Body Tone.
Things I’m also going to try to keep out of my diet during Giada Week:
1.      Red meat (No worries. I bought some salmon and chicken for proteins this week.)
2.      Cheese (Man, I struggle with this one.)
Now that that’s squared away. Here’s a little Q&A of me just for fun. (Questions are the same questions used in Giada’s interview—with some slight modifications—and answers are all me.)
RB: How has life been less than perfect? (132)
ME: Uh…I get paid ½ salary of a teacher and the economy sucks toe right now. My furniture is 80 % hand-me-downs from family members and my couch looks like it belongs on the curb. I actually have one curtain in my house that’s made out of a sheet. Wow. This sounds pathetic.
The upside is: I married my best friend from high school. We laugh all day long. Even when we argue, we can be a little flirtatious. We have two beautiful and feral children. Vin, 2, is going through a naked stage right now. Well, more like a “never-nude” stage. He runs around the house in his Spider-man undies and looks like a Mexican wrestler. Lane, 6, is learning to read, which I want her to hurry along so we can talk about the newest YA literature fad book. (A long time before she’ll get there, I know.) Life is good. We’re happy and blessed.
RB: What made it hard for you to accept yourself before now? (132)
ME: I’ve always been pretty accepting of myself, which is probably one of the reasons I put on so much weight when I was pregnant with Lane. I still thought I was awesome even with 50 extra lbs. I have all kinds of confidence and faith in myself, but I’ve slowly discovered that not many others share this point of view about me. (I was once told by a loved-one—and I’m paraphrasing here—that my life’s ambitions could be summed up in marriage and babies. This same loved-one encouraged other members of my family to shoot for ambitions like “become a judge”, “apply to grad-school”, and “get a government-job”. Also, I was told that I wouldn’t be able to do the marriage and babies thing unless I lost weight. I have since forgiven this person, but it was still one of those defining moments.) That only makes me push harder to achieve my goals.
Body conscious wise, I’m not a huge fan of my huge thighs. Or my nose. (I am currently a member of the Big Nose Club, where my father holds the role of President and my brother VP, respectively.)
RB: Was [Rick] into food when you met? (133)
ME: Wow. Let me paint a word-picture for you. Rick could be a marathon eater. In high school, Rick used to eat two school lunches with extra fries and four milks every day. And usually an ice cream treat too. He was notorious for finishing off an entire pizza, an order of wings, and an order of breadsticks by himself, then ask, “Can I have some of yours?” or “Are gonna eat your crusts?” He has changed many of these bad eating habits to fit a healthier life, but it’s still true that the boy likes to eat. However, he is very picky.
Rick won’t eat unless the food tastes delicious, which wasn’t very good for us at the beginning of our marriage, cuz I don’t really cook much. I can bake like a mother [The Feminine Mystique is rolling over in its book jacket, probably cuz it’s too old to catch onto the idiom I tastefully truncated. Don’t worry FM, I’m a believer.], but not so much cook.
Next question.
RB: Do you ever come home, open a can of tuna, and call it a day? (133)
ME: First of all, eww. Gross. People do that? [wince] Secondly, did ya hear what I said about Rick? He would never eat that. Neither would I. On a day I don’t feel like cooking, I eat leftovers. I freeze almost all of my leftovers, then eat them for lunches at school or meals at home. My kids love pancakes—and I make all kinds: banana, cinnamon, peanut butter and chocolate chip, strawberry jam, applesauce, etc—and I always freeze the extra. (I do the same thing with muffins.) It’s a quick and easy way to prepare a meal when I’m in a hurry. Plus they are often good enough that my kids will eat them plain. No syrup necessary.
RB: When you think about the next 10 years, what do you see? (134)
ME: This sounds like a job interview question. I’m on to you Redbook. I’m on to you. [wink] Lemme see. I want to keep writing. I’ve tried a myriad of writing styles; newspaper columnist, short stories, novels, blogging, research, journals, creative non-fiction, and poetry. I am really enjoying this project right now and hope somehow it will transfer over to the actual Redbook magazine or their online blog. I see myself as a staff writer for a magazine or newspaper. I see myself as a fit and healthy spokesperson for healthy lifestyles, and I see myself running a half-marathon…for charity if possible. (Also, I hope there’s a new couch in there somewhere. There’s only so much kid-goo that a girl can take.)
There you have it.
Thanks for joining me.
Love you, readers! And wish me luck this week.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Results for Week 2- Feb. 6-12 Hip Hop Week

Here's how I did -
Working out 5 times this week with Hip Hop Abs
Totally did it! Love Hip Hop Abs! Shawn-T is hilarious. He’s like a mixture between Will Smith and a very eccentric hair dresser. He brings flavor to my workout. My favorite exercise DVD thus far.
Eating veggies with any comfort food I might eat
Watch only 2 hrs of TV a day
Rena fail. I did this during the week, but as soon as the weekend hit, I blew it.
Start my day with a grapefruit (at least until my grapefruit runs out.)
Grapefruit ran out on Wednesday.
No red meat
I had lasagna one time. Otherwise I did great.
No sugar
Super Bowl Sunday sucked for me. I had a bunch of friends over and they all brought GOOD game-day food. Rick even bought éclairs. I totally bombed that day, and I feel like I spent the rest of the week working off the pound I lost from last week. Grr. Stupid football game. Oh, btw, yay Packers!
No cheese
Didn’t do so great on this one either. Game-day Jalapeño poppers are my Achilles’ heel (if Achilles’ heel was filled with cream cheese and deep-fried.
“Bedtime Yoga”  
Did this once and totally forgot after that. I think if I did the yoga right after my other workout, then I wouldn’t have forgotten it.
Also did this once. But in my defense, I did 3 Biggest Loser: Cardio Max workouts over during the week. That’s in addition to my Hip Hop Abs.  On the 3 days that I did them back-to-back, I burned about 600 calories!
Weight - 159 (I didn’t lose any weight. I blame my actions on Super Bowl Sunday.)
Hips – 42 ½ in. (½ an inch smaller! Sweet!)
Waist – 29 ½ in. (Hip Hop Abs are giving me a lot of definition. Before this week, I always thought abs were a myth, like the Lochness monster or the perfect pair of jeans, but now I see that dreams can come true. My abs do exist and they want the world to know it.)
This next week I’m going to have to really kick it up.
Stay tuned for next week’s plan.

Agave nectar
Home-cooked meals
And a never-before-seen interview with yours truly.
It’s going to be a bloodbath of intensity and weight loss.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

“Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner” Plan Results and Week 2 plan

This week’s weight loss plan included:
·         Working out 5 times this week with Dancing With the Stars: Latin Cardio
o   What I actually did…I worked out Tuesday, Thursday, and twice on Saturday. Not enough, I know. However, DWTS: Latin Cardio was awesome. Didn’t feel the burn until the day after my first workout, but it felt good. Also the Cuban guy who worked me out on a couple of the dances was el scorcho! Muy caliente! Muy motivating!
·         Eating veggies with any comfort food I might eat
o   Easy Peezy...or easy pea-zy. ha. ha. ha. lame joke.
·         Watch only 2 hrs of TV a day
o   Totally bombed this one at the beginning of the week, but got better at it as the week progressed. Bombed it again on Sunday though. (cuz the Super Bowl is more than two hours. Go Packers!)
·         Start my day with a grapefruit
o   I did this with almost every breakfast. Grapefruit’s not too bad. I kinda like it, actually.
How doth the plan fare? (Sorry, been teaching Macbeth lately.)
I lost a pound! Hizzah!
Weight: 159
Hips: 43 in.
Waist: 30 in.

I liked the dancing theme so much this week that I’m going to make February “Dancing Month”. I’m gonna change up the styles from week to week, but dance through the month.
Week 2: Feb. 6-12 will be Hip Hop Week
Other goals that I’ll also keep from Feb. week 1:
·         Working out 5 times this week with Hip Hop Abs
·         Eating veggies with any comfort food I might eat
·         Watch only 2 hrs of TV a day
·         Start my day with a grapefruit (at least until my grapefruit runs out.)
New goals:
·         No red meat (This is an adaptation from “Shape-Up Week” back in January, but I got the most results from those first few weeks, so I’m inclined to go back to what works.)
·         No sugar (Also from “Shape-Up Week” of the Jan. 2011 issue of Redbook and rather ambitious of me considering Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s chocolate is right around the corner. I already told Rick “No candy. No sweets. No chocolate. All I want is a Birkin bag.” HAHAHAHAHA! [sigh] Not likely. Really, I’d be fine with a homemade card. Last year he made me one with a Sasquatch on it [inside joke] that looked more like a finger-painted gingerbread man. It looked like something that Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia drew it. Best Valentine’s ever.) ((Not true. My best Valentine’s ever involved two quarts of vomit, a trip to the hospital, and Wal-Mart. Are you thinking cause/effect relationships? You should be. But it’s a long story.))
·         No cheese (From Week 2 of January during “The Top Chef Recovery Plan”)
·         “Bedtime Yoga” At the end of every day, right before bed, I’m going to give Geralyn Coopersmith’s bedtime yoga a try (See p. 73 of the Feb. 2011 issue of Redbook). This includes three poses: pigeon, modified cobra, and bow pose (looks more like a tying my body into an awkward knot).   
·         Stairs (seems like a repeat too, but in this month’s issue of Redbook I read an article called, “What Counts as Exercise”, and I learned that I can burn 100 calories just by going up and down my stairs for 15 minutes (73). I’m going to run stairs three times this week in addition to my dance workout plan.
So that’s the plan. I really REALLY wanna lose 2 lbs this week. Now that I weigh 159, I’m thirsty for more. See you on the other side of 157! [fingers crossed]

Friday, February 4, 2011

Feel the Love

 My friends have been so supportive in this journey, and even though they haven't posted much on my blog, here's a few comments they made about my progress on facebook.

 "Wow that's pretty cool" - C.

"Well if at first you don't succeed just eat icecream and watch real housewifes." - C.

"Umm, you look hot." - A.

"Lookin good!" J.

"your arms look like they could touch the floor. Long Lean Redbook machine." - G.

 "Nice work!!" - J.L.

"So proud of you, you are really brave posting all of this. You have inspired me to get my butt into gear and get on regimen for myself. Thanks for sharing. :)" - A.M.

"Go Rena!" -G.

"Sounds great. A couple of years ago my husband (then boyfriend) and I decided to cut out MOST of the processed sugar in our diets. So no more sodas, had to give up Starbucks, and the sweets that we did eat were made with non processed sugars. I made cookies a few time with the expensive sugar in the boxes. Well basically the concept is that when sugar is processed it takes out the part that allows your body to digest the sugar so your body stores it instead of digesting it. Anyways, that summer I lost 20 pounds and actually kept it off for a few years because although I wasn't as strict about no processed sugar, I became more aware of it and limited it. Just thought it was interesting and your blog reminded me of it. :) oh and my husband lost almost 30 lbs." 

"You are motivating me!! Good progress keep it up!"! - J.L.

"Wow" - C.

"Like i said before, you are motivating me!!" :) - J.L.

"Rena, you're my hero. I can't wait to see the skinnier you"  - S.

"Way to go!" - D.

"Great job!!" - M.

"I tried to post a comment but it didn't work but this will do. Go girl! I text this out of breath from climbing my stairs. Whew!" - C.

"Good luck!!" - J.L.

Thanks for all the love! I want to make you proud! You all are motivating me too!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Week 1: Jan. 30-Feb. 5

Take two.
I’ve lost six pounds since I’ve embarked on this Redbook journey in January, and now that it’s February, I’m ready to drop another six! (Better yet, let’s make it 8. February is practically lingerie month and I wanna bring it.) The February issue of Redbook is a little more challenging for my goals than I had anticipated. There isn’t one article that lays out three separate plans like January’s issue did, so I have pulled hints and workouts from several articles to create this week’s Redbook weight loss plan, entitled: The “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner” Plan.
There is a section of Redbook called, “My Biggest Fan” where celebrities are interviewed by their kids. The interviews are touchy—usually give me wet eyes, a little warmth in the chest. And February’s issue features Stella,9, interviewing her mother, Jennifer Grey, one of my favorite actors of all time! (Dirty Dancing is the best workout movie, btw.) The beautiful and multi-talented actor and winner of Dancing With the Stars, Jennifer Grey, is the inspiration behind my exercise plan this week (see page 108-110 of the February 2011 issue of Redbook).
I’m going to dance my booty off.  
I love to dance. I’ve never had classes or formal training, but I like to shake it when I’m doing the dishes. Blare a little Weezer and twist and spin while vacuuming or sweeping. That in mind, I’m doing something special this week. Rick Netflixed me a workout video called Dancing With the Stars: Latin Cardio. I am psyched! Hopefully the one-quarter Mexican side of me—not even lying. My paternal abuelo was Mexican—will rise to the challenge and I’ll dance that weight right off my tush.
As I dance this week, I’m going keep Jennifer’s words in mind, “The best feeling about having won was knowing that I hadn’t quit even though it was incredibly hard. I learned that no one can tell me that I’m too old or it’s too late for me to do something” (110). Too true, Jennifer. Nobody puts this baby [two thumbs pointed my way] in a corner.
Diet, Etc.:
Having just recovered from a voice-stealing cold, I was inspired by the article, “Make Winter Your Healthy Season” (Conrad 67). Here I found several hints to keep the winter months less about “crawl[ing] into a cave of carbs” and more about eating healthy and turning off the cave entertainment (TV).
Winter is the season of heavy soups, creamy pasta dishes, thick meaty chili, and cake-like cornbreads. (Sidebar: I have the best cornbread recipe. Like melt-in-your-mouth good. Even my kids like it.) This is challenging if you are trying to eat healthy, like me. Marissa Conrad suggests throwing in some veggies with your comfort food. “Instead of just plain pasta, add squash, onions, and mushrooms to marinara. Toss extra mixed veggies into noodle soups” (67).
Conrad also suggests turning off the TV or limiting TV hours to two a day. I think everyone agrees that the less TV they watch, the more they accomplish. So I’m going to stop watching this blasted America’s Next Top Model marathon on Oxygen and work on my lesson plans for tomorrow.
Lastly, I’m gonna start every day this week with February’s Superfood: Grapefruit! It’s only a hundred calories and has enough vitamin C to help keep away another nasty cold (Yorio  172). [If my voice could nod profusely, it would.]
This week’s weight loss plan includes:
·         Working out 5 times this week with Dancing With the Stars: Latin Cardio
·         Eating veggies with any comfort food I might eat
·         Watch only 2 hrs of TV a day
·         Start my day with a grapefruit
Wish me luck, friends! By the end of the week, I hope to be in the one-fifties!
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