Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Week 1: Jan. 30-Feb. 5

Take two.
I’ve lost six pounds since I’ve embarked on this Redbook journey in January, and now that it’s February, I’m ready to drop another six! (Better yet, let’s make it 8. February is practically lingerie month and I wanna bring it.) The February issue of Redbook is a little more challenging for my goals than I had anticipated. There isn’t one article that lays out three separate plans like January’s issue did, so I have pulled hints and workouts from several articles to create this week’s Redbook weight loss plan, entitled: The “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner” Plan.
There is a section of Redbook called, “My Biggest Fan” where celebrities are interviewed by their kids. The interviews are touchy—usually give me wet eyes, a little warmth in the chest. And February’s issue features Stella,9, interviewing her mother, Jennifer Grey, one of my favorite actors of all time! (Dirty Dancing is the best workout movie, btw.) The beautiful and multi-talented actor and winner of Dancing With the Stars, Jennifer Grey, is the inspiration behind my exercise plan this week (see page 108-110 of the February 2011 issue of Redbook).
I’m going to dance my booty off.  
I love to dance. I’ve never had classes or formal training, but I like to shake it when I’m doing the dishes. Blare a little Weezer and twist and spin while vacuuming or sweeping. That in mind, I’m doing something special this week. Rick Netflixed me a workout video called Dancing With the Stars: Latin Cardio. I am psyched! Hopefully the one-quarter Mexican side of me—not even lying. My paternal abuelo was Mexican—will rise to the challenge and I’ll dance that weight right off my tush.
As I dance this week, I’m going keep Jennifer’s words in mind, “The best feeling about having won was knowing that I hadn’t quit even though it was incredibly hard. I learned that no one can tell me that I’m too old or it’s too late for me to do something” (110). Too true, Jennifer. Nobody puts this baby [two thumbs pointed my way] in a corner.
Diet, Etc.:
Having just recovered from a voice-stealing cold, I was inspired by the article, “Make Winter Your Healthy Season” (Conrad 67). Here I found several hints to keep the winter months less about “crawl[ing] into a cave of carbs” and more about eating healthy and turning off the cave entertainment (TV).
Winter is the season of heavy soups, creamy pasta dishes, thick meaty chili, and cake-like cornbreads. (Sidebar: I have the best cornbread recipe. Like melt-in-your-mouth good. Even my kids like it.) This is challenging if you are trying to eat healthy, like me. Marissa Conrad suggests throwing in some veggies with your comfort food. “Instead of just plain pasta, add squash, onions, and mushrooms to marinara. Toss extra mixed veggies into noodle soups” (67).
Conrad also suggests turning off the TV or limiting TV hours to two a day. I think everyone agrees that the less TV they watch, the more they accomplish. So I’m going to stop watching this blasted America’s Next Top Model marathon on Oxygen and work on my lesson plans for tomorrow.
Lastly, I’m gonna start every day this week with February’s Superfood: Grapefruit! It’s only a hundred calories and has enough vitamin C to help keep away another nasty cold (Yorio  172). [If my voice could nod profusely, it would.]
This week’s weight loss plan includes:
·         Working out 5 times this week with Dancing With the Stars: Latin Cardio
·         Eating veggies with any comfort food I might eat
·         Watch only 2 hrs of TV a day
·         Start my day with a grapefruit
Wish me luck, friends! By the end of the week, I hope to be in the one-fifties!

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  1. Keep up the good work Rene! I would say jam out to the xbox kinect game Dance central but I don't think that's Redbook approved :)


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