Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Giada Week: a Success!

Here’s how I did this week:

1.      No sugar. (Really dumb of me to try this during Valentine’s week. I ate a piece of our Valentine’s cake. Also it was parent/teacher conferences this week and I ate a bunch of mints while sitting at the table waiting for parents. However, at the PTA meal, I rejected the offer of a bag of three warm chocolate chip cookies and a slice of vanilla cake. Yay, me and my resolve!)

2.      No eating out. (I really thought this was gonna be easy as sugar-free pie. I am saving all my eat-out money for my Vegas trip in March, so I didn’t think I’d even be tempted. Then on Thursday, I took my daughter to the doctor in the morning and by the time we were seen and went to pick up the prescription, it was lunch time. Lane gets CRABBY when she’s hungry—as you can expect any 6 y.o. to get. I got her a corn dog and me a small serving of popcorn shrimp. I didn’t even eat the entire cup, because Lane kept asking me for some. I figure I ate about 300-350 calories of popcorn shrimp. That was the only time I ate out all week.)
3.      Workout with Hip Hop Abs and DWTS: Body Tone. Here’s the breakdown of my week:

TUESDAY: Hip Hop Abs and DWTS: Body Tone. I hated the Body Tone workout. The instructors only demonstrated the dance moves a couple of times and then went to tempo, and I felt lost. The video seems better fit for a more experienced dancer. I only have one “groove” bone in my body, and I guess it’s not the Latin one. So I returned the DVD to Netflix the next day and replaced that workout.

WEDNESDAY: None. Give me a break. I taught school all day and then went to p/t conferences. I left my house at 7am and didn’t get back until 8pm.
THURSDAY: Hip Hop Abs and I ran a 10 min. mile on the treadmill and walked a ½ mile.
FRIDAY: Hip Hop Abs and Hip Hop Abs (I did 2 back-to-back.)
SATURDAY: I ran a 9 ½  min. mile on the treadmill, walked a ½ mile, and later in the day my sister lent me her Zumba fitness pack, so I tried the Zumba Cardio Party 50 minute workout. I loved it! I’m going to carry this over to next week.

4.      No red meat. I did eat two tacos and spaghetti once this week, but I did OK otherwise.
5.      No cheese. I ate two tacos this week and I had ½ a quesadilla once for lunch. In addition, I had cheese on a sandwich and a sprinkle of bleu cheese on a salad.

Did all my hard work pay off? Or did my slip ups screw up my progress?
Drumroll, please…
WEIGHT: 158 (-1 lb! Yes! [fist bump])

HIPS: 42 ½ in. (same)
WAIST: 29 in. (I lost a ½ inch off my waist!)
THIGHS: 26 in. (This is a new addition. It’s a part of my body that I am very self-conscious about and I wanna track it’s progress too.)

Another successful weight-loss week, provided by REDBOOK. I doubt I can lose 3 lbs. in one week, but I think it’d be rad to go into March with only 10 more lbs to lose before reaching my goal.
Stay tuned for Zumba Week.

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  1. Wow, awesome, Rena! Love the blog, too...way to go!


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