Tuesday, February 8, 2011

“Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner” Plan Results and Week 2 plan

This week’s weight loss plan included:
·         Working out 5 times this week with Dancing With the Stars: Latin Cardio
o   What I actually did…I worked out Tuesday, Thursday, and twice on Saturday. Not enough, I know. However, DWTS: Latin Cardio was awesome. Didn’t feel the burn until the day after my first workout, but it felt good. Also the Cuban guy who worked me out on a couple of the dances was el scorcho! Muy caliente! Muy motivating!
·         Eating veggies with any comfort food I might eat
o   Easy Peezy...or easy pea-zy. ha. ha. ha. lame joke.
·         Watch only 2 hrs of TV a day
o   Totally bombed this one at the beginning of the week, but got better at it as the week progressed. Bombed it again on Sunday though. (cuz the Super Bowl is more than two hours. Go Packers!)
·         Start my day with a grapefruit
o   I did this with almost every breakfast. Grapefruit’s not too bad. I kinda like it, actually.
How doth the plan fare? (Sorry, been teaching Macbeth lately.)
I lost a pound! Hizzah!
Weight: 159
Hips: 43 in.
Waist: 30 in.

I liked the dancing theme so much this week that I’m going to make February “Dancing Month”. I’m gonna change up the styles from week to week, but dance through the month.
Week 2: Feb. 6-12 will be Hip Hop Week
Other goals that I’ll also keep from Feb. week 1:
·         Working out 5 times this week with Hip Hop Abs
·         Eating veggies with any comfort food I might eat
·         Watch only 2 hrs of TV a day
·         Start my day with a grapefruit (at least until my grapefruit runs out.)
New goals:
·         No red meat (This is an adaptation from “Shape-Up Week” back in January, but I got the most results from those first few weeks, so I’m inclined to go back to what works.)
·         No sugar (Also from “Shape-Up Week” of the Jan. 2011 issue of Redbook and rather ambitious of me considering Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s chocolate is right around the corner. I already told Rick “No candy. No sweets. No chocolate. All I want is a Birkin bag.” HAHAHAHAHA! [sigh] Not likely. Really, I’d be fine with a homemade card. Last year he made me one with a Sasquatch on it [inside joke] that looked more like a finger-painted gingerbread man. It looked like something that Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia drew it. Best Valentine’s ever.) ((Not true. My best Valentine’s ever involved two quarts of vomit, a trip to the hospital, and Wal-Mart. Are you thinking cause/effect relationships? You should be. But it’s a long story.))
·         No cheese (From Week 2 of January during “The Top Chef Recovery Plan”)
·         “Bedtime Yoga” At the end of every day, right before bed, I’m going to give Geralyn Coopersmith’s bedtime yoga a try (See p. 73 of the Feb. 2011 issue of Redbook). This includes three poses: pigeon, modified cobra, and bow pose (looks more like a tying my body into an awkward knot).   
·         Stairs (seems like a repeat too, but in this month’s issue of Redbook I read an article called, “What Counts as Exercise”, and I learned that I can burn 100 calories just by going up and down my stairs for 15 minutes (73). I’m going to run stairs three times this week in addition to my dance workout plan.
So that’s the plan. I really REALLY wanna lose 2 lbs this week. Now that I weigh 159, I’m thirsty for more. See you on the other side of 157! [fingers crossed]


  1. It took me a litle while to figure out who you are. Now that I know, let me recommend that you get your yoga muscles ready because I'm going to be doing hot yoga while in Vegas. I plan to go everyday.

    I think this Redbook experiment is great!

  2. Thanks Tex. I'm excited for yoga and all things Vegas. woot. woot.

    PS I love how irreverent your blog is. fun stuff. How much do you love It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? It's a wee-bit irreverent too. (had a text-to-text connection there. What can I say...English teacher. shrug.)

  3. I've never watched that show. I want to see it now, but it's in season 6. So, I have to start from season 1. I'm like that about tv shows. I can't just jump right into them like that.


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