Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vegas Weight

The scale has been fluctuating for the past few days. Taunting me with it's inconsistency [one eye twitches]. One day it was the same as when I left: 156. The next it was 162. Finally it settled on 159.
I gained 3 lbs. in Vegas. And this is where I stupidly relearn a lesson I learn every time I go on vacation. What happens in Vegas (or wherever you go), comes home with you. Why do I always think I have diet-invincibility on vacations? stupid. stupid. stupid.

My goal this week is to lose the stupid weight I gained while living it up in Vegas.

3 5K's on the treadmill.
and limit my caloric intake.

After all, isn't diet and exercise the proven science behind weight loss?

May the scale forgive me my sins.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vegas Week

Oops, I did it again.
[Disclaimer: obscure references are only funny to 10 sexy girls I know.]
I've thought about what to say in this post for a long time (At least for the whole 5 hour-long, hard ride home) and I'm a wee bit stumped. The whole "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" mantra is starting to make more sense. Mostly b/c Vegas is a "You had to be there" experience. For example, if you weren't there, then "cookie" is not the funniest word on planet Hollywood earth. But for the 10 Vegas Vixens, we get... "cookie". [grin]
Another example: For those who weren't lucky enough to be there, "Britney Gollum" doesn't invoke an eye-scorching image of torturous proportions. Cuz, you had to be there.
 Same goes for "Eddie Bauer limited edition".
and "Do-rag"
and "Do-wop"
and "bandanna"
Thus the line should be rephrased to: "What happens in Vegas, only makes sense if you were there too."

But this is an exercise and diet blog, so I'll get on with it.
My goal this week was to maintain, don't gain. I am SO glad there wasn't a scale at the Vegas house, b/c I was not a good girl--diet-wise. I know I said I would be, but according to the diet gods I ate some blasphemous foods .

Bad things I ate:
  •  chocolate and almond-covered toffee
  • 2 soft-ball sized apple-crumble muffins
  • the best cheesy Italian bread in all 50 states
  • only one bite of the chocolate raspberry cake (which could've been Sin City's theme cake.)
  • A sandwich so big that one VV said, "I'm gonna send a picture of you eating that to REDBOOK."
  • several lollipops (But the VV's had their fair share too.)
  • cookies
  • Skittles
  •  A huge sugary, caloric smoothie
  • a few sweet-potatoe fries (AWEsome) 
  • something Asian (Then I got a massage)
  • Toblerone 
  • 4 dark chocolate eggs 
In my defense, I had 3 tossed salads over the week (Not much of a defense, I know, but I did work out!

  • Dancing, both country line and free style. 
  • a dance class (This workout was almost as good as if I had jogged a 5K in support single moms.)
  • squats in stitletthos stilettos
  • and walking to and from the poolside chaise was rough too. (does lotioning count? I got a kick butt tan too, btw.) 
 Did I maintain, not gain?

I dunno. I'm too scared to get on the scale. I'll let you know on Monday. I feel skinny. [weak smile] Someone called me "petite" for the first time in my life. That counts for something, right?? And a drunk guy called me "gorgeous", but he was pretty smashed, so he might've thought I was Betty Page for all I know.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

How'd I do, you ask?

This week has been bittersweet. Progress is both good and bad.

1.      Exercise more.
a.       Run 3 5K’s this week. [I only ran 2 5K's, but considering the stress levels I had b/c of the end of terms and the 2 teacher trainings I had to go to, I feel good about 2 5K's, instead of 3. But seriously, the stress this week was phenomenal. I'm surprised my face didn't break out like a pepperoni pizza.]
b.      2-3 Hip Hop Ab workouts. [Didn't do a single one. grr.]

2.      Ditch processed foods. Avoid foods with lots of preservatives. [totally failed. I tried the first day, but then got BUSY with this crazy week. I just didn't have the time to focus on how this is done. I don't know if you know this about me, but usually when I fail at something, I have to try it again. Be watching for this part of the plan in the future.]

3.      Burn the spanx. In other words, don’t wear tight fitting clothing. [Success! Jammie pants are my dear friends. I call the blue ones Falcor  cuz they're so cozy (a thousand bonus points for the reader who gets that reference.)]

4.      Let it out, i.e. fart when you gotta fart. [No comment on how successful I was at this suggestion, she said with an impish grin.]
And the results:
Weight: 156! I lost a pound! Which means, I've lost 10 lbs since January! [high fiving the net]

Unfortunately, all of my measurements are the same, but on the other hand, I did buy size 10 jeans (Levi's) this weekend. And that, my friends, spells success to me. [booty dance.]
My ultimate goal is size 8 and I'm almost there! Only 11 lbs to go.
Next week is Vegas week, and for the first time since January I'm taking the blogging week off. (Kinda makes it sound like a swear word.) But don't worry. I won't be a bad dieteer. All diet-bets are still on and working out is still a priority. I'm going with the "maintain, don't gain" goal this week.

Monday, March 14, 2011

March Week 3: Happy Tummy

I feel like my body is shrinking unevenly. My waist looks taut, butt tight, hips slender, but my thighs and abs aren’t slimming down quite as fast as the rest of my body. Especially, my little inner tube, the roll of tummy fat that bulges out over my jeans when I sit down. So this week, I’m focusing on toning my tummy. I’m inspired by REDBOOK’s article, “Bloated Much” by Lisa Singer Moran where there are “four easy ways to a flat and happy stomach” (84-86).
My motivating treadmill
1.      Exercise more. According to the article, exercise not only helps with digestion, but it relieves stress (86). (Plus, it’ll tone my unsightly abs. Bonus.) How will I do it?
a.       Run 3 5K’s this week. Ambitious, but I need to make up for my low-impact week prior.
b.      2-3 Hip Hop Ab workouts.

2.      Ditch processed foods. Avoid foods with lots of preservatives. (Whoa. Hold the sugar-free ice cream. I can’t eat processed foods this week?! [Screaming like I’m running from an army of Angelouses.] Phew. Glad I got that outta my system. Let’s talk strategy. Is there a website out there that lists foods with little or no preservatives? Besides the obvious—foods already in their whole form. There has to be website that will keep me from hyperventilating. I’ll let you know what I find. )

3.      Burn the spanx. In other words, don’t wear tight fitting clothing. (Ha! So not a problem. All my clothes are loose, saggy, and droopy right now.)

4.      Let it out, i.e. fart when you gotta fart. (Hehehehe. I got to say fart. Sometimes, I have the same juvenile sense of humor as a tenth grader. That’s probably why I find it so funny when my 2-year-old son sticks his butt out and me and says, “Look at my butt, mom. Hahaha.”) Anyhoo, it’s supposed to be better for you, if you can excuse yourself to the bathroom to fart, rather than to hold it in for long periods of time (86).

That’s the plan I hope it’s a good week, b/c next week is…VEGAS WEEK, BABY! And I do not do well dieting on vacations.

Results for ZZZ Week 2:

Let me preface my results by mentioning that I applied all of the steps to getting a better night’s sleep on day one of my week—except for the nap. I only did that on Saturday. I applied all of the rules from day one, b/c I wanted to be able to have a lot to report about each rule by the end of the week.
DAY 1: SET A SCHEDULE – Set regular bedtimes for each member of the family and stick to them (even on the weekends)
Me: wake up – 6 am; bedtime – 10:30 pm [I did amazingly well, and although I did sleep in for an hour a couple days of the week, I went to bed at the same time or earlier. I feel way more rested.

Rick: wake up – 7:30 am; bedtime – 11:30 pm [Here’s how he did, “I give myself a B-, because I’m reading an astoundingly good book right now, 127 Hours: Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston. I stayed up late 2 days. I slept in once. Saturday.”]

Lane, 6: wake up – 8 am; bedtime – 9 pm [She did great! Lane hasn’t ever been an awesome sleeper, but she has done really well this week. Of course she did get really sick on Wednesday and is still sick today, so that affected her sleep pattern immensely.]

Vin, 2: wake up – 8 am; bedtime – 9 pm; nap – 1 hour [I am most impressed with the change in Vin this week. He got up between 7:30-8am every morning, had a nap, and was in bed by 9 (sometimes before 9 pm) The coolest Vin bedtime happened yesterday. At around 7:30pm, he came to me and said, “Mom, care-we (carry) me to my bed,” and he reached up for me. So I put him down. Cute little guy. It was amazing.]

DAY 2: UNPLUG FOR AN HOUR BEFORE BEDTIME – Turn off all my electronics an hour before bedtime. [Loved this idea. I wasn’t completely successful. Usually we unplugged 30 – 45 min. before bed, but I still love doing it. We did our bedtime rituals—brushing teeth, reading a story, animal sacrifices and whatnot (jk. “Ritual” invokes a weird connotation to me.)]
DAY 3: LIMIT CAFFEINE – [easy peezy]
DAY 4: MAKE HIM HER HELP AT NIGHT – [I helped a lot. I initiated the bedtime toss game 3 times this week, in addition to other things. But what did Rick think about my changes, “You did help out at bedtime by tucking the kids in after I had been up and down the stairs a lot. And you did the family game most nights so that all could get ready for bed at the same time.” I don’t know if that’s “high praise”, but I’ll take it.]
DAY 5: QUIT YOUR SNOOZE HABIT –[This was surprisingly easy to do.]
DAY 6: PRACTICE JUST SAYING NO – Don’t schedule things during my sleep time. [Not a problem, but I can see how it could be. When I went back to school to get a reading endorsement, I sometimes wouldn’t get home from class until after bedtime.  
DAY 7: NAP! – [I had a nap on Saturday. It was a very good day.]
WALK: Go for a walk in the afternoon if I get drowsy (Harris 142). [I got drowsy after work twice this week, but I didn’t take a walk. Rena FAIL.]
RUN: I gotta meet my goal from last week, or I’ll feel like a failure. I plan on running at 6.2mph for 20 minutes. [Did this on Tuesday! Woot. woot. I also ran one other day this week.]
CRUNCH CARDIO: [I did this exercise DVD 3 times. It wasn’t an intense enough of workout for me. I could tell b/c I wasn’t that sweaty afterwards. It’s not as powerful of workout as Zumba or running.]
NO CAFFEINE AFTER 3: [did it.]
NO SUGAR: [I had a couple of small cinnamon rolls on Saturday, but I had salad for dinner.]
GET ENOUGH SLEEP: [did it, with pleasure!]
WEIGHT: 157 lbs. (same)
WAIST: 29 in. (same)
HIPS: 42 in. (same)
THIGHS: 25 in. (same)
Seriously, no progress this week, unless you count how much more rested I am—and I do count it. I’m glad  I didn’t gain any weight, but I know that my workout should’ve pushed me harder.
Next week I’ll need to really push myself to make up for this week’s ALL STOP on my weight loss. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Scallop Po’boys to Celebrate Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras! A few days late, true, but where I live now, maybe 1 out of 10 people even know what Mardi Gras is.
As some of you know, I lived in the South for a few years as a teenager. Although there are many things I appreciate about the South, the food is numero uno. Shrimp po’boys are my all-time favorite! A hero roll, dressed with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, and a generous pile of fried shrimp to top it off. Needless to say, I had to try the recipe for Scallop po’boys on in the LOOK, COOK, EAT! section of the March issue of REDBOOK (Chernetz 166).  I’d never had scallops before, which I found strange, since I love trying untraditional foods. Once, I had sausage-d alligator on a stick straight from a vendor on Market Street in the French Quarter. It tasted like sausage-d alligator from a street vendor on Market Street in the French Quarter. It was so hot outside that day that sausage had sweated itself dry. I’ve also had frog legs and elk/wild boar sausage. The latter crumbled right out of the sleeve. [grimace] But somehow, I’d never tried scallops, at least not that I could recall.
Here’s how my recipe turned out:

The published recipe has 659 calories per serving, but I made a couple of changes to trim that number (Chernetz 166). Instead of a white hero roll, I used two slices of Sara Lee 45-calorie-per-slice, wheat bread and very little light mayo. I figure I cut back the calories by at least 150, and that fit my plan much better. Good recipe, REDBOOK and Barbara Chernetz. Thank you.

King Cake
PS – REDBOOK, do you have a low-calorie version of King Cake? [she asked hopefully, lashes fluttering…What am I flirting for a cake recipe? OK, scratch the lashes thing. Last time I batted my lashes in a food establishment (which was WAY before The Redbook Experiment), I ended up two brownies even though I only paid for one. True story. But seriously, I’ll throw the next Mardi Gras party if you can get me a recipe for King Cake with cream cheese filling that isn’t going to ruin a month’s worth of progress.]

Monday, March 7, 2011

ZZZ Week 2: March 6 – 12th

New week. New plan.
First of all, can I just say thanks to REDBOOK for helping me drop 9 lbs this year! It’s been rough, a challenge for sure, but so rewarding. I am almost ½ way to my goal. You know what the crappy part of weight loss is? Are you thinking, “There’s a crappy part?” Well, there is. I can’t afford to buy new clothes every time I drop a size. Currently, I can only fit into 2 pairs of my pants, and they both look saggy. It’s too bad Stacy and Clinton don’t do episodes of What Not to Wear to reward good fashion behavior. Then I could get a $5,000 NYC wardrobe makeover. Maybe I’ll ask. Doesn’t hurt to ask. 
That said, I have never been more excited to try this week’s REDBOOK health plan. Why? Because I get to sleep more this week. Moms of the world, you know what it’s like. Sleep is a delicacy. A rare gem. One pearl in a sea of oysters. So you can see why I’d be so thrilled about REDBOOK’s “End the No-Sleep Insanity” article.

Check out those legs! WTW!

Lynn Harris starts the sleep article by giving valid reasons for getting more sleep. One of the most interesting points was about how the light from your TV acts as a stimulant. “The blue spectrum light from computers, televisions, and mobile phones, suppresses the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you nod off at night” (140). My husband loves to go to sleep with the TV on, and now I’m starting to realize why he stays up so friggin’ late. [mouth twisted]

But the most fascinating part of the article relates to the nature of my blog: weight loss. “Experts estimate that obesity in anywhere from 5 to 13 percent of children and 3 to 5 percent of adults can be attributed to lack of rest. When you’re sleep-deprived, your body produces more ghrelin—a hormone that stimulates appetite—and less leptin, which suppresses appetite” (Harris 141). Whoa! What the what? I could be overeating because I’m not getting enough sleep?! Well, I’m sold. How do I do it, REDBOOK?
With a 7-day plan, that’s how.
DAY 1: SET A SCHEDULE – Set regular bedtimes for each member of the family and stick to them (even on the weekends) OK. I can do this. But how much sleep do Rick and I and the kids need? According to the chart on p. 143 of the March issue of REDBOOK, adults need between 7-9 hours; school-aged kid need 10-11 hours; and my pre-schooler needs 11-13 hours.
Me: wake up – 6 am; bedtime – 10:30 pm
Rick: wake up – 7:30 am; bedtime – 11:30 pm
Lane: wake up – 8 am; bedtime – 9 pm
Vin: wake up – 8 am; bedtime – 9 pm; nap – 1 hour

DAY 2: UNPLUG FOR AN HOUR BEFORE BEDTIME – Turn off all my electronics an hour before bedtime. During this time the family should be making lunches, reading to each other, discussion, and cuddling with kids (Harris 142). [This would also be a good time to participate in religious traditions, like prayer and/or scripture study. Or even meditation.]

DAY 3: LIMIT CAFFEINE – I don’t drink too much caffeine. I take my poison in the morning by drinking a 20 oz of water with Crystal Light: Energy added to it. I rarely drink it after 3 pm, which is when Harris suggests a person stop. She says that in place of an afternoon caf pick-up that I should take a walk. Sweet. An exercise plan. Take a walk if I feel tired. Got it. Also, I’m not supposed to let the kiddos drink caffeine either, which is not a problem (142). They will sometimes take a sip of my drink or of Rick’s soda without our permission, but we don’t usually let them go to town on the wake-up juice.

DAY 4: MAKE HIM HELP AT NIGHT – Um…this should really be “make her help at night”. Rick is awesome at putting the kids down. Mostly, I pass out at a certain time and then Rick gets Vin in a diaper, makes both of the kids brush their teeth, tucks them in, tells them a story, etc. But we are learning to divvy up the nighttime chores. And we do so by turning it into a game. We like to pile everyone on our bed and toss a small ball around, until someone drops it. At that time we all have to go brush our teeth. The next time we toss the ball around, we change up the chore to say using the bathroom, and so on. It works pretty well, and I think it’ll be a fun thing to do during the technology-free hour before bedtime.
DAY 5: QUIT YOUR SNOOZE HABIT – Ugh. This is going to be rough. Apparently, it’s better to set my alarm for a later time than to slap the snooze for a half-hour. But I’ll give it a whirl. [arms outstretched toward alarm’s snooze button. “Mi Corazón” whispered.]

DAY 6: PRACTICE JUST SAYING NO – Don’t schedule things during my sleep time. Don’t think that’ll be an issue.
DAY 7: NAP! – Music to my ears. Snores to my nose. Eh. Not a good metaphor. How bout…REM to my eyes? Dreams to my subconscious? My metaphor bone must be fractured today. All of these suck. In any case, Day 7, suggests that I nap, yo. 20-30 minute naps here and there as needed (Harris 143). You got it.

READERS: But what about your diet, Rena?
ME: I’m getting to it. I’m getting to it.
WALK: Go for a walk in the afternoon if I get drowsy (Harris 142).

RUN: I gotta meet my goal from last week, or I’ll feel like a failure. I plan on running at 6.2mph for 20 minutes.
CRUNCH CARDIO: An exercise DVD that Rick Netflixed for me that I haven’t tried yet. I’m doing it this week for Rick.
NO CAFFEINE AFTER 3: no problem.
NO SUGAR: Keeping this one. But I might eat a small slice of Vin’s birthday cake. (He turns 3 very soon!)
GET ENOUGH SLEEP: so that I don’t overeat at night. =)
That’s it for this week!
 Here's some awesome photos that Berrio Photography took for me.

Look out, Daniel san.

yoga momma

This one is so inventive. Berrio does excellent work.

Results for March Week 1: Feb. 27th – March 5th

It’s been a pretty awesome week. Not only did I do well on my plan this week, but I got a job writing for my local newspaper! I’m very excited about it and my results of the diet and exercise plan.
This is the breakdown of March Week 1:
RUN FAST: Run for 20 minutes at a 9 min-mile-pace. [I did not meet my goal. I got an infection on Friday that included pink eye (you can kinda see the pink eye in the photo.) and sleepiness. I didn’t work out at all on Saturday, which was the day I planned on running for a full 20 min. at 6.2 mph/a 9 min. mile pace. But have no fear fans, I will not be giving up. I’m going to continue this goal into next week, at least until I nail it. My eyes are totally narrowed at the treadmill right now, and since I’ve got pink eye and look like a “walker”, I bet it’s really intimidated. Watch it, treadmill. I’m coming for ya.]
ZUMBA: [I did Zumba 3 more times this week. I love it. It’s so full of energy. My favorite dance is the Quebradita and Calypso. They both have intense, but fun moves. Oh and the James Brown stuff. Super fun!]
NO SUGAR: [I did surprisingly well, except for the almond, pecan, and cashew nut clusters that my mom bought for me. It’d be no big deal if they just nuts, but they were held together with something sweet. And I could. Not. Stop. Eating. Them.]
EXTRA AGUA: 100 oz a day. [I had good days and bad, but on the days that I did well, I felt fuller for longer and ate less. And that’s incentive to do this again.]
MORE FRUIT CARBS/LESS BREAD-LIKE CARBS: Did OK. [I replaced my bready carbs with fruits. I ate a lot of oranges, apples, and bananas this week. The only time I did eat too many bready carbs was when I made tuna noodle casserole. It was chock full of noodles.]
NUT BUTTER SPREAD: Try nut butter. [I already blogged about this one. Justin’s Nut Butter spread is delicious, but it’s not calorically or financially economical.]
Weight: 157 (- 1 lbs!)
Waist: 29 in.
Hips: 42 in. (- ½ in!)
Thighs: 25 in. (- ½ in!)
It’s a winner. I can’t wait to get better from this illness, though. It sucks the motivation right outta me. Fortunately, next week’s plan is all about rest. Ooh yeah! Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mid-Week Progress

It has been a whirl-wind week!
First off, I already met my running goal on Wednesday. I ran for twenty-minutes at a 9 min-mile pace, totally surpassing my own expectations. I’m used to running 5K’s on the treadmill at 5 mph, so bumping that speed up to 6.2 miles per hour for 20 min. was CRAZY. Rewarding though. I am amazed at how far I can push my body. I’m just waiting for REDBOOK to do some article about running a ½ marathon or something. That’d be my mountain to climb.
On top of my exercise achievement, I tried Justin’s Nut Butter spread from REDBOOK’s “Hungry Girl’s Food Fix: Grocery Cart Makeover!” (Lillien 170). I bought a single-serve of maple-almond flavored nut butter, put a little on apple slices, as suggested in the article, and shared the scrumptious snack with my kids. The flavor and scent of nut butter is not that different from peanut butter, but the texture is somewhat grainy and looks a little like the contents of an infant’s messy diaper. Still, I was not deterred. [shrug] It’s good and the kids like it too.

However, the single-serve pack that I bought was not 80 calories, as advertised in the Grocery Cart Makeover (Lillien 170). Mine was 190 calories. I’m not sure if I picked the wrong one or if there was a “light” version of the same thing, but if the calories are the same as peanut butter and the cost is much more than peanut butter, then why would I switch over permanently? It’s not economical.
Finally, the best part of week, the icing on the cake the dip on the carrot stick, the piece de resistánce: REDBOOK is going to feature my story in the May issue! Hizzah! Be watching for it, dieteers!
Peace out.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marching through March

Week 1: Feb. 27th – March 5th
The March issue of REDBOOK has me really excited. February was so much fun with all the dancing and hip hop and Zumba, but I’m disappointed in my February weight loss. I started so strong in January with a 6 lbs. drop, but then in February I only lost 2 lbs! Grr. Argh. I wouldn’t call that a failure, but I have been slumping my shoulders and frowning in a caricaturistic sort of way. But I have faith in you, March issue of REDBOOK. Especially after seeing the cover!
Did you see Jenna Fischer on the cover in that Dolce & Gabbana leopard print dress?! H-O-T…hot! She is no plain Jane Pam secretary. [Btw, RB, I can’t wait until Jenna can cut or color her hair either, but her hair looks luscious and healthy in the “Office Gossip with Jenna Fischer” article (Sandell 128). Kudos to your photographer, Matt Jones, and to whoever styled Jenna.] The second I got this issue, I flipped right to Jenna’s interview and dove right in, fishing around for Fischer’s diet and exercise hints. And Jenna, I gotta tell you…
…ya left me wanting.
All Jenna said about diet and exercise was that she gains and loses 5-7 lbs all the time. Plus there was mention of how everyone in the biz gets an email whenever she gains enough to change a pant size. You know, because of fittings and stuff (Sandell 131). But man! How awful would that be? The world getting a memo that you’re fatter now. Eck. Dodge the lime light for that reason, eh? Yet, my “grr” bone is agitated that her “fat” pant size is a friggin’ 6. I am so close to being a size 10 that I can taste it. [It tastes like rice cakes.] psh. Size 6.
Since Jenna was no help setting up my health plan for this month, I turned to another section of REDBOOK: Lazy Woman’s Fitness. Therein lies my exercise plan for this week.
RUN FAST: In an article entitled, “Burn More Calories in Less Time”, it suggests that I run for 20 minutes at a 9 min-mile-pace in order to burn 250 calories (Asp 80). Now, I know I’m not going to be able to run that fast for that long without working up to it. But hopefully at the end of the week, I’ll be able to do that. [On Monday night, I gave it a stab, and could run for about 15 minutes. I’m super close to the end goal already. What!]
ZUMBA: The plan I started for Zumba last week was a 10-day plan, so I’m committed to finishing up the last few days and probably the rest of the week.
NO SUGAR: Did I ever tell you that I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance almost 4 years ago? I was trying to get pregnant with my second kid and it was not happening. My gyno diagnosed me with Insulin Resistance and told me to fix it by cutting out most of my sugars and carbs. I lost so much weight that first month after I changed my diet; I couldn’t believe it! Then I got pregnant with Vin.
The point is I know that cutting out sugar works. And as much as I hate to be the bearing of mean-sounding news, if you are an overweight woman—like I was—and are trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, try losing weight. Obesity is a health risk for so many reasons, including your unborn and maybe even unconceived child. So do yourself a favor, and put down the carton of Ben & Jerry’s.
EXTRA AGUA: Zumba plan says I gotta down 100 oz. a day.
NUT BUTTER SPREAD?: In the article “Hungry Girl’s Food Fix: Grocery Cart Makeover!” I discovered a peanut butter alternative called Justin’s Nut Butter (Lillien 170). I approach this apprehensively, because honestly I’m pretty loyal to peanut butter. But hey, I didn’t think I’d like running stairs for 45 minutes straight, but that turned out to be a rewarding workout. I trust you, ObiREDBOOKanobi.
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