Monday, March 14, 2011

March Week 3: Happy Tummy

I feel like my body is shrinking unevenly. My waist looks taut, butt tight, hips slender, but my thighs and abs aren’t slimming down quite as fast as the rest of my body. Especially, my little inner tube, the roll of tummy fat that bulges out over my jeans when I sit down. So this week, I’m focusing on toning my tummy. I’m inspired by REDBOOK’s article, “Bloated Much” by Lisa Singer Moran where there are “four easy ways to a flat and happy stomach” (84-86).
My motivating treadmill
1.      Exercise more. According to the article, exercise not only helps with digestion, but it relieves stress (86). (Plus, it’ll tone my unsightly abs. Bonus.) How will I do it?
a.       Run 3 5K’s this week. Ambitious, but I need to make up for my low-impact week prior.
b.      2-3 Hip Hop Ab workouts.

2.      Ditch processed foods. Avoid foods with lots of preservatives. (Whoa. Hold the sugar-free ice cream. I can’t eat processed foods this week?! [Screaming like I’m running from an army of Angelouses.] Phew. Glad I got that outta my system. Let’s talk strategy. Is there a website out there that lists foods with little or no preservatives? Besides the obvious—foods already in their whole form. There has to be website that will keep me from hyperventilating. I’ll let you know what I find. )

3.      Burn the spanx. In other words, don’t wear tight fitting clothing. (Ha! So not a problem. All my clothes are loose, saggy, and droopy right now.)

4.      Let it out, i.e. fart when you gotta fart. (Hehehehe. I got to say fart. Sometimes, I have the same juvenile sense of humor as a tenth grader. That’s probably why I find it so funny when my 2-year-old son sticks his butt out and me and says, “Look at my butt, mom. Hahaha.”) Anyhoo, it’s supposed to be better for you, if you can excuse yourself to the bathroom to fart, rather than to hold it in for long periods of time (86).

That’s the plan I hope it’s a good week, b/c next week is…VEGAS WEEK, BABY! And I do not do well dieting on vacations.


  1. Rena, Check out Tosca Reno's Clean Eating site. It's full of lots of great information and recipes on clean eating. We've been eating clean now for about six months and can't imagine EVER going back!

  2. Sure thing. Maybe they have a book at the library too.


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