Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marching through March

Week 1: Feb. 27th – March 5th
The March issue of REDBOOK has me really excited. February was so much fun with all the dancing and hip hop and Zumba, but I’m disappointed in my February weight loss. I started so strong in January with a 6 lbs. drop, but then in February I only lost 2 lbs! Grr. Argh. I wouldn’t call that a failure, but I have been slumping my shoulders and frowning in a caricaturistic sort of way. But I have faith in you, March issue of REDBOOK. Especially after seeing the cover!
Did you see Jenna Fischer on the cover in that Dolce & Gabbana leopard print dress?! H-O-T…hot! She is no plain Jane Pam secretary. [Btw, RB, I can’t wait until Jenna can cut or color her hair either, but her hair looks luscious and healthy in the “Office Gossip with Jenna Fischer” article (Sandell 128). Kudos to your photographer, Matt Jones, and to whoever styled Jenna.] The second I got this issue, I flipped right to Jenna’s interview and dove right in, fishing around for Fischer’s diet and exercise hints. And Jenna, I gotta tell you…
…ya left me wanting.
All Jenna said about diet and exercise was that she gains and loses 5-7 lbs all the time. Plus there was mention of how everyone in the biz gets an email whenever she gains enough to change a pant size. You know, because of fittings and stuff (Sandell 131). But man! How awful would that be? The world getting a memo that you’re fatter now. Eck. Dodge the lime light for that reason, eh? Yet, my “grr” bone is agitated that her “fat” pant size is a friggin’ 6. I am so close to being a size 10 that I can taste it. [It tastes like rice cakes.] psh. Size 6.
Since Jenna was no help setting up my health plan for this month, I turned to another section of REDBOOK: Lazy Woman’s Fitness. Therein lies my exercise plan for this week.
RUN FAST: In an article entitled, “Burn More Calories in Less Time”, it suggests that I run for 20 minutes at a 9 min-mile-pace in order to burn 250 calories (Asp 80). Now, I know I’m not going to be able to run that fast for that long without working up to it. But hopefully at the end of the week, I’ll be able to do that. [On Monday night, I gave it a stab, and could run for about 15 minutes. I’m super close to the end goal already. What!]
ZUMBA: The plan I started for Zumba last week was a 10-day plan, so I’m committed to finishing up the last few days and probably the rest of the week.
NO SUGAR: Did I ever tell you that I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance almost 4 years ago? I was trying to get pregnant with my second kid and it was not happening. My gyno diagnosed me with Insulin Resistance and told me to fix it by cutting out most of my sugars and carbs. I lost so much weight that first month after I changed my diet; I couldn’t believe it! Then I got pregnant with Vin.
The point is I know that cutting out sugar works. And as much as I hate to be the bearing of mean-sounding news, if you are an overweight woman—like I was—and are trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, try losing weight. Obesity is a health risk for so many reasons, including your unborn and maybe even unconceived child. So do yourself a favor, and put down the carton of Ben & Jerry’s.
EXTRA AGUA: Zumba plan says I gotta down 100 oz. a day.
NUT BUTTER SPREAD?: In the article “Hungry Girl’s Food Fix: Grocery Cart Makeover!” I discovered a peanut butter alternative called Justin’s Nut Butter (Lillien 170). I approach this apprehensively, because honestly I’m pretty loyal to peanut butter. But hey, I didn’t think I’d like running stairs for 45 minutes straight, but that turned out to be a rewarding workout. I trust you, ObiREDBOOKanobi.

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  1. Hello Rena,
    My name is Zazzy, and I've been reading your blog for quite some time and have been absorbing each article slowly so I get all of your jam packed info, by the way I'm loving it!
    Anyway, I see in this blog posting you mentioned running stairs and I read the original post about when you introduced this into your routine, but I'm curious if you actually use stairs or a stair climber? You can email me back at frazzledrazzlern@gmail.com if that is easier.
    Feel free to check out my blog at http://frazzledrazzlern.blogspot.com/


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