Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mid-Week Progress

It has been a whirl-wind week!
First off, I already met my running goal on Wednesday. I ran for twenty-minutes at a 9 min-mile pace, totally surpassing my own expectations. I’m used to running 5K’s on the treadmill at 5 mph, so bumping that speed up to 6.2 miles per hour for 20 min. was CRAZY. Rewarding though. I am amazed at how far I can push my body. I’m just waiting for REDBOOK to do some article about running a ½ marathon or something. That’d be my mountain to climb.
On top of my exercise achievement, I tried Justin’s Nut Butter spread from REDBOOK’s “Hungry Girl’s Food Fix: Grocery Cart Makeover!” (Lillien 170). I bought a single-serve of maple-almond flavored nut butter, put a little on apple slices, as suggested in the article, and shared the scrumptious snack with my kids. The flavor and scent of nut butter is not that different from peanut butter, but the texture is somewhat grainy and looks a little like the contents of an infant’s messy diaper. Still, I was not deterred. [shrug] It’s good and the kids like it too.

However, the single-serve pack that I bought was not 80 calories, as advertised in the Grocery Cart Makeover (Lillien 170). Mine was 190 calories. I’m not sure if I picked the wrong one or if there was a “light” version of the same thing, but if the calories are the same as peanut butter and the cost is much more than peanut butter, then why would I switch over permanently? It’s not economical.
Finally, the best part of week, the icing on the cake the dip on the carrot stick, the piece de resistánce: REDBOOK is going to feature my story in the May issue! Hizzah! Be watching for it, dieteers!
Peace out.

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