Monday, March 14, 2011

Results for ZZZ Week 2:

Let me preface my results by mentioning that I applied all of the steps to getting a better night’s sleep on day one of my week—except for the nap. I only did that on Saturday. I applied all of the rules from day one, b/c I wanted to be able to have a lot to report about each rule by the end of the week.
DAY 1: SET A SCHEDULE – Set regular bedtimes for each member of the family and stick to them (even on the weekends)
Me: wake up – 6 am; bedtime – 10:30 pm [I did amazingly well, and although I did sleep in for an hour a couple days of the week, I went to bed at the same time or earlier. I feel way more rested.

Rick: wake up – 7:30 am; bedtime – 11:30 pm [Here’s how he did, “I give myself a B-, because I’m reading an astoundingly good book right now, 127 Hours: Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston. I stayed up late 2 days. I slept in once. Saturday.”]

Lane, 6: wake up – 8 am; bedtime – 9 pm [She did great! Lane hasn’t ever been an awesome sleeper, but she has done really well this week. Of course she did get really sick on Wednesday and is still sick today, so that affected her sleep pattern immensely.]

Vin, 2: wake up – 8 am; bedtime – 9 pm; nap – 1 hour [I am most impressed with the change in Vin this week. He got up between 7:30-8am every morning, had a nap, and was in bed by 9 (sometimes before 9 pm) The coolest Vin bedtime happened yesterday. At around 7:30pm, he came to me and said, “Mom, care-we (carry) me to my bed,” and he reached up for me. So I put him down. Cute little guy. It was amazing.]

DAY 2: UNPLUG FOR AN HOUR BEFORE BEDTIME – Turn off all my electronics an hour before bedtime. [Loved this idea. I wasn’t completely successful. Usually we unplugged 30 – 45 min. before bed, but I still love doing it. We did our bedtime rituals—brushing teeth, reading a story, animal sacrifices and whatnot (jk. “Ritual” invokes a weird connotation to me.)]
DAY 3: LIMIT CAFFEINE – [easy peezy]
DAY 4: MAKE HIM HER HELP AT NIGHT – [I helped a lot. I initiated the bedtime toss game 3 times this week, in addition to other things. But what did Rick think about my changes, “You did help out at bedtime by tucking the kids in after I had been up and down the stairs a lot. And you did the family game most nights so that all could get ready for bed at the same time.” I don’t know if that’s “high praise”, but I’ll take it.]
DAY 5: QUIT YOUR SNOOZE HABIT –[This was surprisingly easy to do.]
DAY 6: PRACTICE JUST SAYING NO – Don’t schedule things during my sleep time. [Not a problem, but I can see how it could be. When I went back to school to get a reading endorsement, I sometimes wouldn’t get home from class until after bedtime.  
DAY 7: NAP! – [I had a nap on Saturday. It was a very good day.]
WALK: Go for a walk in the afternoon if I get drowsy (Harris 142). [I got drowsy after work twice this week, but I didn’t take a walk. Rena FAIL.]
RUN: I gotta meet my goal from last week, or I’ll feel like a failure. I plan on running at 6.2mph for 20 minutes. [Did this on Tuesday! Woot. woot. I also ran one other day this week.]
CRUNCH CARDIO: [I did this exercise DVD 3 times. It wasn’t an intense enough of workout for me. I could tell b/c I wasn’t that sweaty afterwards. It’s not as powerful of workout as Zumba or running.]
NO CAFFEINE AFTER 3: [did it.]
NO SUGAR: [I had a couple of small cinnamon rolls on Saturday, but I had salad for dinner.]
GET ENOUGH SLEEP: [did it, with pleasure!]
WEIGHT: 157 lbs. (same)
WAIST: 29 in. (same)
HIPS: 42 in. (same)
THIGHS: 25 in. (same)
Seriously, no progress this week, unless you count how much more rested I am—and I do count it. I’m glad  I didn’t gain any weight, but I know that my workout should’ve pushed me harder.
Next week I’ll need to really push myself to make up for this week’s ALL STOP on my weight loss. Stay tuned.

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