Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vegas Week

Oops, I did it again.
[Disclaimer: obscure references are only funny to 10 sexy girls I know.]
I've thought about what to say in this post for a long time (At least for the whole 5 hour-long, hard ride home) and I'm a wee bit stumped. The whole "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" mantra is starting to make more sense. Mostly b/c Vegas is a "You had to be there" experience. For example, if you weren't there, then "cookie" is not the funniest word on planet Hollywood earth. But for the 10 Vegas Vixens, we get... "cookie". [grin]
Another example: For those who weren't lucky enough to be there, "Britney Gollum" doesn't invoke an eye-scorching image of torturous proportions. Cuz, you had to be there.
 Same goes for "Eddie Bauer limited edition".
and "Do-rag"
and "Do-wop"
and "bandanna"
Thus the line should be rephrased to: "What happens in Vegas, only makes sense if you were there too."

But this is an exercise and diet blog, so I'll get on with it.
My goal this week was to maintain, don't gain. I am SO glad there wasn't a scale at the Vegas house, b/c I was not a good girl--diet-wise. I know I said I would be, but according to the diet gods I ate some blasphemous foods .

Bad things I ate:
  •  chocolate and almond-covered toffee
  • 2 soft-ball sized apple-crumble muffins
  • the best cheesy Italian bread in all 50 states
  • only one bite of the chocolate raspberry cake (which could've been Sin City's theme cake.)
  • A sandwich so big that one VV said, "I'm gonna send a picture of you eating that to REDBOOK."
  • several lollipops (But the VV's had their fair share too.)
  • cookies
  • Skittles
  •  A huge sugary, caloric smoothie
  • a few sweet-potatoe fries (AWEsome) 
  • something Asian (Then I got a massage)
  • Toblerone 
  • 4 dark chocolate eggs 
In my defense, I had 3 tossed salads over the week (Not much of a defense, I know, but I did work out!

  • Dancing, both country line and free style. 
  • a dance class (This workout was almost as good as if I had jogged a 5K in support single moms.)
  • squats in stitletthos stilettos
  • and walking to and from the poolside chaise was rough too. (does lotioning count? I got a kick butt tan too, btw.) 
 Did I maintain, not gain?

I dunno. I'm too scared to get on the scale. I'll let you know on Monday. I feel skinny. [weak smile] Someone called me "petite" for the first time in my life. That counts for something, right?? And a drunk guy called me "gorgeous", but he was pretty smashed, so he might've thought I was Betty Page for all I know.


  1. You should weigh yourself right now. I somehow managed to lose 10 pounds. For real. I have no idea how. I've been trying to lose 18 pounds for 6 months with no luck. Apparently Las Vegas is magic.

    Also, had you been there on Monday, you would NEVER have written the phrase "I had 3 tossed salads."

  2. An intentional joke, Brandi. It was one of the obscure references I figured you all would get. Too subtle, I guess.

    And wow! 10 lbs?! Good job! I'll weigh myself soon.

  3. Brandi.... I FOUND your 10 pounds. For real. Want em back? That's great though, proud of you!

    Rena... I can just hear your "AWEsome!!" a bazillion times while eating the cheesy bread. Glad you enjoyed it.

    And I'm glad I got to meet you. Maybe I'll see ya at the next Pepsi sale.

  4. keep me posted about the Pepsi sale. I already told my husband about it and he's so excited. He won't stop talking about anything else. =)

  5. It sounds like you had an absolute blast! And congrats on the the weight loss. It takes so much effort. I have lost 55 lbs. so far, it takes so much time! I have like thirty more to go. Ugh. Don't want to talk about it. :0)


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