Monday, March 7, 2011

ZZZ Week 2: March 6 – 12th

New week. New plan.
First of all, can I just say thanks to REDBOOK for helping me drop 9 lbs this year! It’s been rough, a challenge for sure, but so rewarding. I am almost ½ way to my goal. You know what the crappy part of weight loss is? Are you thinking, “There’s a crappy part?” Well, there is. I can’t afford to buy new clothes every time I drop a size. Currently, I can only fit into 2 pairs of my pants, and they both look saggy. It’s too bad Stacy and Clinton don’t do episodes of What Not to Wear to reward good fashion behavior. Then I could get a $5,000 NYC wardrobe makeover. Maybe I’ll ask. Doesn’t hurt to ask. 
That said, I have never been more excited to try this week’s REDBOOK health plan. Why? Because I get to sleep more this week. Moms of the world, you know what it’s like. Sleep is a delicacy. A rare gem. One pearl in a sea of oysters. So you can see why I’d be so thrilled about REDBOOK’s “End the No-Sleep Insanity” article.

Check out those legs! WTW!

Lynn Harris starts the sleep article by giving valid reasons for getting more sleep. One of the most interesting points was about how the light from your TV acts as a stimulant. “The blue spectrum light from computers, televisions, and mobile phones, suppresses the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you nod off at night” (140). My husband loves to go to sleep with the TV on, and now I’m starting to realize why he stays up so friggin’ late. [mouth twisted]

But the most fascinating part of the article relates to the nature of my blog: weight loss. “Experts estimate that obesity in anywhere from 5 to 13 percent of children and 3 to 5 percent of adults can be attributed to lack of rest. When you’re sleep-deprived, your body produces more ghrelin—a hormone that stimulates appetite—and less leptin, which suppresses appetite” (Harris 141). Whoa! What the what? I could be overeating because I’m not getting enough sleep?! Well, I’m sold. How do I do it, REDBOOK?
With a 7-day plan, that’s how.
DAY 1: SET A SCHEDULE – Set regular bedtimes for each member of the family and stick to them (even on the weekends) OK. I can do this. But how much sleep do Rick and I and the kids need? According to the chart on p. 143 of the March issue of REDBOOK, adults need between 7-9 hours; school-aged kid need 10-11 hours; and my pre-schooler needs 11-13 hours.
Me: wake up – 6 am; bedtime – 10:30 pm
Rick: wake up – 7:30 am; bedtime – 11:30 pm
Lane: wake up – 8 am; bedtime – 9 pm
Vin: wake up – 8 am; bedtime – 9 pm; nap – 1 hour

DAY 2: UNPLUG FOR AN HOUR BEFORE BEDTIME – Turn off all my electronics an hour before bedtime. During this time the family should be making lunches, reading to each other, discussion, and cuddling with kids (Harris 142). [This would also be a good time to participate in religious traditions, like prayer and/or scripture study. Or even meditation.]

DAY 3: LIMIT CAFFEINE – I don’t drink too much caffeine. I take my poison in the morning by drinking a 20 oz of water with Crystal Light: Energy added to it. I rarely drink it after 3 pm, which is when Harris suggests a person stop. She says that in place of an afternoon caf pick-up that I should take a walk. Sweet. An exercise plan. Take a walk if I feel tired. Got it. Also, I’m not supposed to let the kiddos drink caffeine either, which is not a problem (142). They will sometimes take a sip of my drink or of Rick’s soda without our permission, but we don’t usually let them go to town on the wake-up juice.

DAY 4: MAKE HIM HELP AT NIGHT – Um…this should really be “make her help at night”. Rick is awesome at putting the kids down. Mostly, I pass out at a certain time and then Rick gets Vin in a diaper, makes both of the kids brush their teeth, tucks them in, tells them a story, etc. But we are learning to divvy up the nighttime chores. And we do so by turning it into a game. We like to pile everyone on our bed and toss a small ball around, until someone drops it. At that time we all have to go brush our teeth. The next time we toss the ball around, we change up the chore to say using the bathroom, and so on. It works pretty well, and I think it’ll be a fun thing to do during the technology-free hour before bedtime.
DAY 5: QUIT YOUR SNOOZE HABIT – Ugh. This is going to be rough. Apparently, it’s better to set my alarm for a later time than to slap the snooze for a half-hour. But I’ll give it a whirl. [arms outstretched toward alarm’s snooze button. “Mi Corazón” whispered.]

DAY 6: PRACTICE JUST SAYING NO – Don’t schedule things during my sleep time. Don’t think that’ll be an issue.
DAY 7: NAP! – Music to my ears. Snores to my nose. Eh. Not a good metaphor. How bout…REM to my eyes? Dreams to my subconscious? My metaphor bone must be fractured today. All of these suck. In any case, Day 7, suggests that I nap, yo. 20-30 minute naps here and there as needed (Harris 143). You got it.

READERS: But what about your diet, Rena?
ME: I’m getting to it. I’m getting to it.
WALK: Go for a walk in the afternoon if I get drowsy (Harris 142).

RUN: I gotta meet my goal from last week, or I’ll feel like a failure. I plan on running at 6.2mph for 20 minutes.
CRUNCH CARDIO: An exercise DVD that Rick Netflixed for me that I haven’t tried yet. I’m doing it this week for Rick.
NO CAFFEINE AFTER 3: no problem.
NO SUGAR: Keeping this one. But I might eat a small slice of Vin’s birthday cake. (He turns 3 very soon!)
GET ENOUGH SLEEP: so that I don’t overeat at night. =)
That’s it for this week!
 Here's some awesome photos that Berrio Photography took for me.

Look out, Daniel san.

yoga momma

This one is so inventive. Berrio does excellent work.


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