Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April Week 2: Tummy Tuck the Natural Way

Does not need a tummy tuck.

First things first.
I weigh the same as last week, so I still have 1 more Vegas-pound to go. I'm forgiving myself on account that it's spring break, and I intend on working out hard core this week.

The plan this week:

Tummies of the world: BEWARE. OK, not reallly all tummies. Just my tummy. The April issue of REDBOOK has this whole article about how dangerous, painful, and unpleasant a medical tummy tuck can be. It's a deterring article if I've ever read one. Not that I could ever afford to get a tummy tuck before, but now I know I wouldn't consider it even if I had the dough. You should see the visuals in the article.  Lemme put it this way. You know how when you make pie crust dough and you stretch it over the pie tin and trim the excess? Imagine your skin is the dough and your torso is the pie tin. Eck. It's awful. Doctors actually carve out a new belly button once they stretch the skin taut and slice off the extra flesh (Levine 177). [holding back nausea.] Do they put you under for the surgery or use a local anesthetic? [dry-heaving]

I have to add here that even though a tummy tuck isn't for me, I totally respect Kate Gosselin's decision. If I ever had 6 babies in my belly simultaneously, I'd tuck that belly faster than Kate could list the names of her 8 kids.

Fortunately for me, REDBOOK has some good suggestions as to getting a tight tummy without the torture of a knife.

One thing that I learned is crunches can cause muscle damage in the stomach if you've had children (179). Wish I would've known that way back in the day. I must've spent years doing crunches, trying to get my blasted tummy back to a pre-birth tightness. What the article suggests doing instead is planks and side planks. So that's the plan. I'll do planks every night this week, and at least 3 Hip Hop Abs: Hips, Thighs, and Abs workout.

side plank
No meat mondays.

3 Hip Hop Abs workouts
and planks every night.

Wish me happy abs.

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