Friday, April 15, 2011

Wacky Brownies

I made brownies using a recipe from April's issue of REDBOOK. And even though they were wacky, it's not what you think. I used the recipe for a puree that you can use as a substitute for butter or oil in some recipes. I made the "White Puree", which is made of 2 Tbs. of water and canned Navy beans. I swapped out a 1/2 cup of oil with this pasty-looking puree and made a pretty kick-butt batch of brownies. They are low-fat (or lower fat, rather) and delicious. I took the 9" x 13" pan to a function tonight and when I got ready to leave, there were only two left.

Mine were gone before I could take a photo, but they looked a lot like these.
Score one, REDBOOK! Thanks for the wacky brownies (sans hallucinations). They were amazing!

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