Monday, May 9, 2011

May Week 1: Sugar Detox Results

I did awesome cutting out the sugar. And it wasn't easy. There are 24 other people on facebook who have joined the "No Sugar May" group, and everyone has expressed various struggles and challenges throughout the past week. I feel like I was tempted EVERY day this week. It was especially difficult because this week was my birthday and Mother's Day. Yeesh.

My temptations:

Evil Cupcakes

MONDAY: I walked into the faculty room and the PTA brought dozens of cupcakes for all the teachers. I glared at the frosted temptations, then turned my nose up at them. Fortunately, there was a bowl of fruit for the healthy eaters, however, it was sweetened with sugar. [deflated shoulders]
TUESDAY: I can't remember how I was tempted, but I spent day 3 with a mild migraine from the detoxing.
WEDNESDAY: The PTA gave me a glass apple filled with caramels for my birthday. I gave every piece away. woot. woot! Talk about hard to do tho. Caramels are a personal favorite.
THURSDAY: My birthday! I knew I would cheat on No Sugar May on my b-day, but all things considered, I didn't do that bad. I ate 1/2 a cupcake, which gave me a migraine, and 1 cinnamon twist with frosting, which gave me a 2-day belly ache. I'm not even kidding. I have a stomach ache for 2 flipping days. Course I think it was also in part because I ate SO MUCH at dinner that night.
FRIDAY: My body started craving sugar again--I know! Already?--still, I stayed strong and didn't give in. 
SAT: My husband threw me a surprise bday party! He made cake and served it with ice cream. I ate it. [frown.]

SUN: I had a piece of cake for breakfast [my flogged screams in background], but at Mother's Day dinner @ my mom's all the moms were given chocolate truffles (I gave mine to my husband and kids) and we had parfaits for dessert. I opted for fruit instead. I'm back on the wagon now. Just a couple of birthday bumps in the road.

Rick surprised me with a Kindle! [fist bump]

My workouts:

MONDAY: I worked in the garden for an hour. I had to break up the earth so that I could get the tiller in there to REALLY break up and aerate the soil.
TUESDAY: Gardening for 1 1/2 hrs. (including mowing the back lawn)
WEDNESDAY: Gardening for 1 hr. I planted 5 raspberry plants.
SAT: Gardening for 4 hrs. I tilled the garden more than 10 times, pulled out yards of brush and weeds, reset hoses, got rocks out of the garden, and raked up mounds for the grow boxes.

All things considered, I shoulda lost at least a pound, right?!
I gained 2 lbs!
What the what, No Sugar May?! Grrrr.

Alright, so it was my fault, really. I didn't do a whole lot of calorie counting this week. And I ate out 3 times! I usually only eat out once a month regularly, but this week I ate A LOT and it was restaurant food. Restaurants are good at masking the portions sizes with dark lighting and optical-illusion plates. I fell right into the trap.

I've gotten make this better.

Stay tuned for the upgraded No Sugar May plan.


  1. 1. Good job with the avoiding the sugar. I would been like, "Eh. It's my birthday. I'm eating the whole cupcake. AND the truffles."

    2. Keep in mind that while you may sweat while gardening, it's more strength training (which is still good, and necessary!) than cardio. You're not keeping your heart rate up consistently, which is what really torches the calories. I worked in our ward garden today for 3 hours. Tons of tilling, weeding, removing thorn bushes, digging trenches... I had come straight from the gym so I was still wearing my heart rate monitor. I never broke 108. Just walking at 3 MPH on the treadmill with a 10% incline I can reach 125. I burned just about the same amount of calories in THREE hours working hard in the garden as I did exercising for ONE hour at the gym. Soo....I guess maybe that's my roundabout way of saying that while gardening is better than sitting around, it's not quite a work out (in the calorie burning, strengthening your heart sense, anyway).

  2. I totally know what you mean, Brandi. I just had so much gardening to do that I couldn't fit in the kind of cardio that I would have liked. You'll be happy to know that I ran a 5K this morning on the treadmill and that I'm registering for a local 5K on June 5th.

  3. Sorry, my bariatric surgery support group leader training was coming out in my last comment. I just reread it and it sounds really bitchy, which it wasn't meant to be (hopefully you didn't take it to be bitchy. Sorry.)

    I spent a year daily having to talk to people about how vacuuming isn't exercise, etc... So I was having flashbacks and in my head I was screaming, "GARDENING IS NOT ENOUGH IF YOU'RE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!!!" :)

    And umm, English teacher, please don't judge my probable misuse of periods and parenthesis. I never know if the period goes in them or outside of them.

  4. No worries, B. I let myself go this week and deserve a Brandi-slap anyway (intentional or otherwise).

    BTW, if you have a full sentence within the parentheses, then the punctuation goes inside too. If it's part of a sentence, the punctuation goes after.
    Correct: (I love my new size 10 jeans.)
    Correct: I love my new size 10 jeans (but I bet I'll love my 8's even more).


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