Monday, May 9, 2011

May Week 2: No Sugar May 2.0

New and improved No Sugar May plan!
This time in high definition! (See what I did there. har. har.)

Not only am I going to cut out sugar (for processed foods, it's anything with sugar or syrups listed in the first two ingredients. However, natural sugars in fruits, etc. are OK.) But I'm also going to:
  • count my calories at the end of every night. I'll be posting mid-week on my progress and I'll use
  • and drink 100 oz of water every day

It's not the eighties unless
there's rainbow sweatbands.

Workouts are going to be centered around training for the Nestle 5K on June 5th. I'm going to:
  • run 2-3 5K's this week. A friend is running the Nestle 5K with me and his goal is to run it within 40 min. My goal is to beat him. Did I mention, I'm HIGHLY competitive? (Watch out, Mumbledore. It's on. [wink] Hey, winner should buy the other some 80's sweatbands. Whatcha think? Deal? Here's the ones I have my eye on.)

  • work in the garden some more whenever it stops raining. I think I can actually plant this week. Snow is finally over. [fingers crossed]

And now for fun...
...Other than the awesome feature of yours truly on p. 32 of the May issue of REDBOOK, the Kardashians also have a spread on pp. 200-207. Once I got past the shoe envy (the K's are all dolled up in white dresses and nude heels hot enough to stop Carrie Bradshaw in her tracks.), I read the piece. It's an intense interview conducted by the lucky Lori Berger that reveals Khloe's baby plans, Kourtney's inability to cook, and all the Kardashian's love for their multi-talented momager.

I know that Berger, if she had the time after the Kardashians interview, would've given me a similar interview (heh heh. [eyes averted]), so I'm gonna help her out and ask myself some of the same questions that she asked the K's.

REDBOOK: [Rena] what's your best mom memory?

ME: When I was younger and would get sick, my mom was a bit overprotective about it. She'd take me to the doctor for a little sore throat. Then, I'd get pampered at home with Sprite, TV, chicken noodle soup, and cozy blankets. She did such a good job taking care of me when I got sick. I'd like to think that I inherited that with my own kids. Something triggers in a mom when they see their kid all helpless and sad.

RB: What are some of the biggest misconceptions about [Rena]?

ME: I often present myself as "tough as nails" but I can be sensitive too. I kinda hate that about myself. I wish I was in control of my emotions all the time, but sometimes I just lose it, ya know.

RB: What's the best advice your mom ever gave you?

ME: Don't get a credit card. I just wish I had followed that advice too. However, I'm trying to get outta debt with...Gazelle-like energy.

RB: What did your parents do right?

ME: LOTS! My mom and dad raised me to serve others and to be devout and frugal. They helped me make choices that would give me a better life in the future. Encouraged me to go to college. And most importantly, they set an example of what a good marriage can be. They've been married for a LONG time, and I that in this day and age, it's a miracle.

RB: That's great. They sound awesome.

ME: They are.

RB: Do you look to your sisters for a different kind of support than you look to your mom for?

ME: Totally. For legal advice and end-of-the-world hints, I ask Mishie. For fashion advice, US Weekly gossip, and just to chat I go to Gwen. For yoga, music, food storage hints, and chatting, I got to Bennet. For Disneyland advice or movie and TV show recommendations, I go to my brother D. For book recommendations, I could ask anyone of them and get different results. We're eclectic. I like it that way.

RB: Do you guys fight with one another? Like really fight?

ME: We are an "avoid conflict" family. Although if someone needs something sensitive to be mentioned to another member of the family, they usually ask me to be the messenger. Not sure why. Cuz I say what I think, maybe.

RB: What do you do to snap out of a bad-body-image day?

ME: Spend time with Rick. He finds me sexy no matter what. I could be sweaty from a workout or gardening with dirt on my legs and no make-up, and Rick'll still give me "How you doing" Joey Tribiani eyes.

Thanks for the interview RB, but I've gotta get Lane off the bus.

Later, dieteers.

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