Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Week 3: RESULTS

I lost another pound.

I know. That wasn't much of a hook, was it? But what if I added a few exclamation points? Eh?

I lost another pound!!!

See? That's way more intriguing. It's the overusage of exclamation points that irks me and most people. I vow not to be a repeat offender.

Classic Gilmore girls. Now, if only they were reading REDBOOK.
Of course, then I had a Gilmore girls party and if you know anything about G&g, it's that they eat like crazy people all the time. We're talking biscotti, ice cream, burgers, fries, pie, rum balls, cake, marshmallows, red vines, pizza, Thai food, Indian food, burritos...[deep breath]...Kropogs of coffee, one apple (one time), vast amounts of alcohol, deep fried turkey, rolls, bagels, doughnuts with sprinkles, Mallomars, mac n cheese, candy, cookies, cookie dough, sugar sugar sugar. It's 7 seasons of a non-stop junk food fest. So of course as a hostess of the G&g party, we have to have authentic food. What kind of a fan would I be if I didn't provide my guests with legitimate Gilmore girls grub? A poor fan/hostess, indeed.

So we had pot stickers, red vines, nutella, 2 types of biscotti, a variety of doughnuts, 4 cartons of ice cream, soda, and cornbread (but that was because I was having a cornbread throw down with an old college buddy. She won, btw. Hers tasted like blasted cake. I had no chance. Even Loralei Gilmore would've preferred it. [sigh. and regroup]).

Did I eat all that?

So, Yes. I totally broke my No Sugar May plan.
But I thought it was the end of the world, so I'm off the hook, right?

Wrong. My hips are mad at me. They are threatening to mutiny.

Despite all the crap I ate on Friday, I still managed to lose a pound, though. Prolly cuz I ran 2 5K's this week, and did a dance workout.

Still training for the 5K, so this week, I intend on shaving a minute off my time.
I'll run 2 5K's and shoot for 37 minutes, plus I've been doing it on an incline so that it takes less effort during the actual race. Hope it works. June 4th is fast approaching. (Strange that that date has a Gilmore girls significance too.)

Wish me luck.
And pray that I don't have anymore bright ideas to host a party.
(Although, the upside is that I discovered Speed Scrabble. Best. Game. Ever.)

Also, stay tuned for a low-down of the food at Larry King's house.
You read that right. I'm eating lunch at Larry King's house this week. Don't worry, I'll blog you all about it later.

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