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I'm not sure what I'm going to do this week, the first week of June, for my workout and exercise plan, so I'm stalling.

Sadly, there's nothing in the article about how she stays so fit.

Shania Twain has a tell-all interview in the June issue of REDBOOK that reveals some deep stuff about her. I never knew she was so brave, especially during the crazy affair that her husband had with Shania's best friend. I always thought of her as a powerhouse of a woman. I mean you don't belt out "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" being a wall flower, right? Well apparently, Shania used to be pretty shy. And she's only 5'4"! WTW?! I always thought she was uber tall. A pillar of strength. A Greek goddess of power and vocal intensity.

The always talented Jancee Dunn interviewed Shania and got some pretty good stuff outta her. And you know how I like to ask myself the same celebrity interview questions!

For your reading pleasure, my interview as conducted by *cough* Jancee Dunn.

RB: [I see that you wrote a YA novel called One-Armed Freak, that's available on a Kindle through Oak Tree Press. What is the book about?]

ME: It's about a teenage boy who loses his arm in a preventable farming accident. The book begins the fall after the accident and he has to learn how to live with one arm. In the process, he makes a unique friend and a surprising enemy. It's really a book about how some relationships are toxic and should be severed instead of endured.

RB: Tell me about the process of writing [your] book.

ME: It's funny actually. I was teaching at a rural high school, and taught a group of kids who were in a reading intervention class--so of course, they hated to read!--and I asked them what kind of book they would read. They got together, mulled it over, and said, "We wanna read about a farm boy. Who plays football. And who loses a limb." I blinked twice, and then I wrote One-Armed Freak.

RB: REDBOOK has done plenty of stories on men who cheat or just up and leave. What would you say to women who have been through something like that?

ME: Uh, OK. Left field. I'd say, when you mope, blare Weezer's cover of "Unbreak My Heart" and during the angry phase "That Don't Impress Me Much". Then cozy up with fat-free or sugar free ice cream. It doesn't taste as good, which means you'll eat less and then when you're ready to move on with your life, and you won't have to drop the 30 lbs from the stress eating. Also, you shouldn't give your ex the satisfaction of getting fat and depressed over him. If he didn't want you, he's not worth it! But seriously, once you get over the shock, depression, and anger, do something productive or even charitable with your time. It will help you refocus your energy to something positive.

RB: Were there any song or artists who helped you get through your toughest times?

ME: Sure. There's this one song by Ben Folds Five called "Losing Lisa" that is great during break-ups. Also, "Fair", by the same band, tugs the heart strings. But when I'm getting over a hard-time or simply wanna pump myself up, I rock to Weezer's Raditude album. Anything by Weezer suffices, but that one is very peppy. I heart it. 

RB: You're stripped of all glamour and artifice [in your very first photo on your blog]. Was showing your natural self a conscious decision?

ME: Yeah. I wanted to be honest to myself and to the world about how much I'd let myself go. It was very motivating and made me accountable for changing my bad habits into good ones. I also started a new tab that says "Kristie Alley had nothing on me" where I've posted two FAT pics of me. I'm not kidding. People have said that they didn't even recognize me in 'em. In any case, I'm losing weight now. I have REDBOOK to thank for the last 8-10 lbs.

RB: [Wow. You are so inspiring.]

ME: [hand to chest] Thanks, REDBOOK, but you have been inspiring me.

This is my manic fan face. I don't really look so scary. I promise.

Oh and readers, if you wanna read all about my Larry King experience check out my other blog.
I'll be trying out Xocai [pronounced so-shy and means chocolate + acai berries], which makes sense after you read it, and RB, I'd be happy to give you the inside scoop on it's effectiveness as a diet shake.

See you on the flip side.


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  1. WTW? Someone else on the planet besides myself that loves Ben Folds Five? Hallelujah!


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