Thursday, May 19, 2011

Week 3: No Sugar May Dance-athon

I just realized that it's already Thursday and I forgot to post my plan this week. oops.

New and Improved No Sugar May plan:

The Rules:

  1. Don't eat sugar. (For processed foods, don't eat anything with sugar or syrups listed within the first 2 ingredients.)
  2. Drink 100oz of water a day.
  3. (New Rule) Dance-off!
I got the dance-off rule from a piece in the "HEALTHY" section of the May issue of REDBOOK. The piece answers the question, "Why are strokes on the rise in young women?" When I read that question, I did a one-eighty neck crane whilst saying "huh?" I didn't know strokes were on the rise for young women! (Can I be considered a "young women" anymore now that I'm 30? [sigh]) According the article, strokes in women from 35-44 have risen by over 30 % in the last DECADE! (106)

OK, so I'm not in that range yet, but what the what? Is that something I should be concerned about in 5 yrs? How do I avoid a stroke, REDBOOK. Is there still time to save me?

Lisa Masterson, M.D. & ob/gyn
RB: Welcome to "REDBOOK at Night". We've got our resident M.D. and ob/gyn, Lisa Masterson with us and online is Panicky Writer in the west. Any advice for our caller on how to avoid strokes?

LM: (I'm paraphrasing here.) Blood pressure. Check it often, and if it's high get on meds to regulate it.

ME (Panicky Writer): OK, check. Anything else?

LM: Shake your groove thing.

ME: [pause] I'm sorry, shake my groove thing? How will bustin' a move help.

LM: It's exercise. Exercise is good for your health and helps ward off obesity.

ME: ah.

LM: I'd suggest running a 5K or Zumba.

ME: Funny you should say that! I've been training for a 5K coming up this June. Also, I've been dancing for 45-60 a few times a week through the wii Just Dance II program. That's sound advice! What else? Am I now stroke-free?

LM: Not so fast. You gotta watch your diet too. Plan out your meals so that you get 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies every day. No skimping. Produce has nutrients that protect your arteries.

ME: Got it. Hey thanks, Lisa. And you said, you're an ob/gyn, right?

LM: That's right.

ME: Good. I've got this funny looking ra--

RB: --HEY, This is not the forum for that! Another time, Panicky Writer.

ME: OK. Well thanks for the advice, REDBOOK and Lisa Masterson. Now, I'll be stroke free!

There you have it readers. The radio show article that led me to this week's plan. I've been doing really good so far, btw. I'll see you next week with my results.

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