Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Nestle 5K

I just realized I never blogged about my 5K.
And not because I did poorly. Quite the opposite. I kicked my own trash.
Mumbledore celebrating his victory. And me pouting over my loss.

Still we felt pretty pumped after. Proud of our accomplishments.

I ran my little heart out and beat my last treadmill time by 4 minutes! Woot woot! I ran it in 32:30.
Unfortunately, my friend who ran with me ran it in 28:30, so I did lose against him.

Still it was an amazing experience, and I have plans to run the BIG FOOT run in Sept. too.

Of course the week after my run I went to that teacher conference and was nearly force fed crap. (I swear those 5 wontons and 2 egg rolls were shoved into my mouth, whilst a district rep smashed my jaws together. heh. heh.)

But despite the food dilemma, I had an awesome time shopping and hot-tubbing with my friend, Shan. To hint at how much fun it was...it's not every day that you run into a gorgeous Frenchman in a hot tub whilst singing about show-tune about a brassiere. But Shan and me, that's how we roll.
Shan has also lost a lot of weight. We were comparing gams.
An old tradition with a new twist.

My new earrings that I bought on Historic 25th street in Ogden.
Eat your heart out Frenchman from Switzerland.


  1. I love this post best. Good times. I'm ready to go back to Oui-Town and kick it old school in the Hampton Inn by day and shopping by night.

  2. I've got a more comprehensive post stewing for my other blog. www.prose-spective.blogspot.com I just need a little more time to finish. =)


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