Thursday, July 21, 2011

How do I get these last 20 lbs off?

Just to remind myself of those days...
I put the question before the readers. I am trying super hard here and I seem to be fluctuating a 5 pound loss and gain. I can't keep it off.

I count my calories. Keep it in between 1200-1350 a day.
I exercise a lot. Sometimes twice a day.
I have minimal stress, because school's not in.
I do cheat now and then and maybe that's it. Maybe those few cheats are killing my dream of being a size 8. I need to change my psyche to avoid diet cheating.

I need advice.
and help.
and support.
and ice cream with no calories.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rena never stops

This post is inspired by the Brooke Burke interview by Amy Spencer in the July 2011 issue of REDBOOK (149-152).

The article is a fun journal-style of Brooke's hour-to-hour daily activities. 
I thought it'd be fun to do the same thing as if Spencer interviewed me.

A day in the life of Rena
(Disclaimer: The summertime version of Rena is a tad less busier than school-year Rena.)

7:30a.m.  RISE AND SHINE
During the school year, I actually get up at 5:45, to get ready for work, but during the summer I getup at 7:30 when either my 3 yo son or my 11 month old puppy Spike needs a potty break. While downstairs, I made a Xocai Healthy Chocolate shake for a protein pick-me-up and a 20oz bottle of water. I usually mix a packet of Crystal Light Energy into the water too.

I make breakfast for the kids. When it's a really busy day, I flip the top off a couple of yogurts for the kids and maybe give em a strawberry muffin. (I make muffins once a week and then freeze them for quick snacks.) With  more time, I make banana pancakes, french toast, or scrambled eggs.

8:30a.m. DISHES
I wash dishes while I watch my kids play outside from the kitchen window.

9:00a.m. WORKOUT
I set my alarm clock to go off at 9am everyday as a reminder to work out. My workouts vary, and right now I'm doing a Last Chance Workout DVD that lasts between 35-45 minutes. I feel strongly about being all by myself when I work out. When my kids distract me with childhood demands, my workouts suffer, so I make sure they are parked in front of cartoons or are playing with the dog or in their rooms when I exercise.

Quick shower. The kids are getting nutso by this time and ready to move on to the next activity that I have to take a warp speed shower.

Laundry. I watch reruns of Buffy or Gilmore girls while folding and putting away my laundry. My kids are really good at helping me gather hangers and putting away their own clothing. 
If it isn't a laundry day, my kids and I will target one area of the house and clean it. They love Windexing mirrors--haven't got the whole wiping it clean part down yet, but I'm teaching them. My 6yo daughter is an expert duster, and my 3yo son can pick up toys like a pro. 

I have to think about lunch this early, because my kids get cranky if it's not ready by noon o'clock. 

After the kids eat, we run the errands or do fun stuff:
  • swimming
  • grocery shopping
  • running to the bank
  • gardening
  • going to the park
  • calling phone company to complain about bogus charges
  • dropping off stuff at the Herald
  • conducting interviews for articles for the Herald
  • going to events for the Herald
Or if I need to get work done, I am either writing an article for the Herald, working on lesson plans for the school year, doing homework for one of the 3 conferences I attended this summer, or blogging. 

4:30p.m. EASY AS PIE
Depending on the busyness of my day, I either make something crazy easy, like popping frozen chicken nuggets into the oven, or I might do something that requires more mixing, measuring, and sauteing, like tuna noodle casserole.

6:00p.m. BIKING
I take the kids outside to ride bikes, while I sit in the garage and read Tina Fey's Bossypants on my Kindle and fix my kid's wonky training wheels when the need arises.

7:00p.m. BATH TIME
This is when I give the kids a bath and hope they don't dump enough water on the floor to cause permanent damage. Again. 

8:00p.m. BEDTIME
I am probably the most inconsistant person in the world when it comes to bedtime rituals, but on my good days, it goes like this.
I put Vin down first, b/c he goes to sleep earlier. I give him some milk and tell him a story about Blasty the Rocket Ship, which is just a metaphor for Vin's own life and challenges. Then we say prayers and the tucking in ritual commences. (A blanket hug, which sometimes develops into a giggle fest, therefore ruining the whole "wind-down" plan.) 
Then Lane gets the same treatment, but we read a story together. She puts those glasses on and we trade off reading pages of a book of her choice. We are really into the BONE series by Jeff Smith right now. 

9:00p.m. HUBBY TIME
I snuggle with Rick and watch TV. Or we both catch up on facebooking side-by-side with laptops on our bellies.  

10:30p.m. BEAUTY SLEEP
I need plenty of it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Xocai Weigh-in Week 1 Results:

I lost 2 lbs and more than an inch off of my waist! Yay!

Their scale: 169
My scale: 162

I still feel good about this. And the thing is I know I weighed less than their 169, b/c I was wearing jeans and all around heavier clothes than the initial weigh in. Plus...

I've worked out 3 times, watched my caloric intake, and had 1-2 shakes a day.
I feel great.
And there's one pair of shorts that I notice feeling a lot looser. is so helpful. I've been able to keep my daily cals at an average of 1300-1400, which is pretty awesome.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Xocai Weight-Loss Challenge

I started a weight loss challenge this Thursday, sponsored by Xocai, healthy chocolate. (It's a diet drink packed with antioxidants that I'm trying out.) The weigh-ins are every Thursday evening at 8pm, which is the worst possible hour to weigh yourself. This is the disclaimer to the next piece of info, I'm about to unveil... the weigh-in I weighed...

171.2 lbs.

I know. I gaped. Fell into a pit of depression, considered stuffing my face with foods high in comfort and calories, but remembered that I just started a weight-loss challenge. So ix-nay on the en & Jerry's-Bay. 'Sides on my scale at home, when I weigh myself in the morning, I weigh a healthy 164. However, for the next 6 weeks (the length of the weight competition) I'll be going with their scale's evil numbers. Just wanted to give you a heads up. So you didn't think I was totally bombing or had gained back that much weight.

My plan to lose the weight:
1. exercise 3 x a week with Jillian Michaels Last Chance Workout
2. eat b/n 1200-1400 cals a day
3. replace 2 meals with the Xocai protein shake
4. cut back on carbs; don't exceed 100g of carbs a day.
5. drink b/n 80-100oz of water a day.
6.REDBOOK plan.

Some of you may have thought that I had forgotten about REDBOOK over the last couple of weeks, but I'll have you know that June's issue didn't have much for me to work with--in my opinion. However, July has some KICK-A plans. I'm psyched to try them out.
So this week, my plan comes from the Q & TRIPLE A article on p. 62.

"Q: Isn't there anything I can do about my cellulite?" (A question I've asked myself multiple times.)
Reverse Lunge
And I'm going to take the advice of the trainer, Tiffany Boucher of Equinox Fitness Club in NYC. She suggests 30-60 min cardio workouts 5-6 times a week. I'm shooting for 3 x a week, but I imagine I'll still reduce some cellulite this way. She specifically endorses the reverse lunge, which is great since Jillian Michaels' DVD includes a series of lunges, including the reverse lunge. Any workout that will tone the butt, thighs, glutes, and hamstrings will serve to reduce that pesky cellulite, according to Boucher.

Stay tuned for my progress. My next weigh in is on Thursday. =) I hope to loose 3 lbs by then.

If you are interested in getting some Xocai, email me at: lorena(dot)smithey(at)gmail(dot)com
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