Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bear Lake = Stomach Virus = Missed My Last Weigh-in

I missed my last weigh-in with Xocai.

I got back from Bear Lake yesterday, and the whole drive home was awful. My stomach felt as if it were about to give birth to an extraterrestrial like Kane in Alien. Accompanied by nausea and shooting abdominal pains; the tight quarters of a little vehicle crammed with 4 days worth of camping gear, two adults, and three kids; and the disorienting roller coaster dips and dives of driving through canyons, I was pretty immobile by the time I got home, stuck in fetal position and grasping at my innards. Plus, we had to stop to drop off our rented kayak, then drop off the dog at my sister's house, then get gas, before we went back to my house. All that movement only exasperated the pain, and by the time I got home at 5pm, I chugged some Pepto and let Rick unload my sister's car so I could curl up on my bed and try not to hurl.
Trying not to hurl.

 I spent the next several hours taking trips to the bathroom in 15 minute rotations. The last thing I wanted to do was go anywhere that was away from my toilet. The hot and cold flashes started about an hour into the bathroom rotations. So in between my trips to the loo, I laid in bed with two blankets covering my shivering torso. I sipped some Sprite at around 9pm, but didn't dare eat a thing.

Builing sandcastles with Lane
So in the end, I missed my final weigh-in.

However, on Friday morning, I weighed myself on my scale and it blessed me with a happy 161!
I decided to forgive my stomach virus, since it did seem to come through in another way.
And since all of my Xocai weigh-ins are at night, I weighed myself that night too and it came up as 165. According to all the data, I lost a total of 6 lbs in 6 weeks. Not the 20 I was going for, but I'll take it.

Will I continue drinking Xocai now that the weight loss challenge is over?

popping fireworks on the beach
I don't know. I still have some left, so I'll probably use that. And since school is starting again, I like that idea of having something quick and easy to eat everyday for breakfast and lunch. Maybe I'll just see how it goes for a little while. When school starts again, I'll be really busy, and when I get busy like that I tend to forget to eat. This helps me drop some weight. I'll just have to see.
building sandcastles again

As far as my exercise plan, when I went to Bear Lake, I kayaked for about an hour for 3 days, and went swimming for about an hour for 3 days, plus setting up camp and cooking meals and doing dishes and walking in the sand and popping fireworks and building sandcastles and giving piggy-back rides and taking camp down. I'd say on average, I burned about 1,700 calories a day on my camping trip doing activities that I don't normally do. So yah. I'd say it went pretty well. I didn't count what calories I ate, but I tried not to over do it. I ate a few roasted marshmallows, a couple hot dogs, WAY too much homemade trail mix, but I tried to be good. Everytime I thought I had overeaten, a couple hours later, my body would get weak from low blood sugar, so I'd have to eat something quick.
Vin aiming a rocket launcher at my head. It's not loaded. Phew.

We played beach ball volleyball.

I don't know what I'll do next week. I have 4 days of teacher prep, so I'm sure whatever I do will be convenient. I do need to get ready for the Big Foot 5K over Labor Day weekend, so perhaps when I get off work, I'll run with the dog. I'll let you know.

Thanks for all your support, dieteers!

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  1. Looks beautiful!! I'm glad you had such a great vacation (you know, right up til the end anyway!). I hope you're feeling better now!

    As for drinking the stuff... I'd stick with trying to eat close to the earth (clean) and see where that takes you. I've dropped about 30 lbs not doing anything but just doing that. It's weird how different my body behaves when we're eating that way. :-)


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