Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getting ready for camping

Weight loss!

I went to my weigh-in on Thursday and had another success! Hizzah! Here's the recap of the last several weeks including Thursday's.

Thursday, June 30th
Starting Weight: 171.2 (This is always about 4-5 lbs more than what my scale says, b/c I weigh myself at the beginning of the day in my skivvies. The Xocai weigh-ins are at 8pm and I can't show up in my undies to weigh-in. That'd be AWKWARD.)
Starting Waist: 36" (This is different than where I was measuring for The Redbook Experiment. I had always measured at the smallest part of my waist, and the Xocai rep measures us around the bellybutton, which is slightly wider than where I measure.)

Thursday, July 7th
Weight: 169.4
Waist: 34 and 3/4"
Total Results: - 1.8 lbs and - 1.25" off the waist

Thursday, July14th
Weight: 170.4
Waist: Forgot to get this measured
Total Results: - .8 lbs.

Thursday July 21th
Skipped Weigh-in

Thursday July 28th
Weight: 169.2
Waist: 32 and 1/2"
Total Results: - 2 lbs. and - 3.5" off my waist.

Thursday, August 4th
Weight: 167.6
Waist: 32 and 1/2"
Total Results: - 3.6 lbs and -3.5" off my waist.

Next week is going to be a HUGE challenge, as I am leaving for a camping trip at Bear Lake. It's my last week before the final weigh-in in the Xocai Weight Loss Challenge, and I'm in for some trouble. Why? Because, I love camping food! LOVE IT. Hot dogs, s'mores, pancakes, dutch oven meals, s'mores, campfire popped popcorn, s'mores. YUM. I can feel myself gaining the weight right now. [sigh]

Fortunately, REDBOOK has given me some tips in their Aug. issue about healthier eating at summer BBQ's. Since BBQ's and camp food isn't that different, I'm going to try to apply some hints to my week.

One of my favorite foods is deviled eggs. I can scarf down a cool 5 without batting an eye. Since they are close to 70 cals a pop, that can add up quick. (Perhaps they call 'em deviled eggs because the amount of calories is sinful. har. har.)

REDBOOK's solution? Hungry Girl suggests that you dump the fatty yoke and replace with a cauliflower recipe to stuff the boiled egg whites with. It seems simple enough. Microwave cauliflower, add light mayo, swiss cheese, relish, yellow mustard, and salt and pepper. Chill for an hour and then spoon into halfed boiled egg whites. This reduces the caloric intake to 99 calories for 5! Score! (for exact measurements and ingredients see p. 186 of the August REDBOOK).

One other thing that I'm doing to try to keep my calories down is baking my own sugar free and oil-free snacks. I made blueberry muffins with Splenda and cornbread with Splenda and applesauce. I'm also bringing fresh fruits to snack on and I'll watch my portion sizes.

Wish me luck!
Bye, dieteers. See you next week. I'll be the one with the tan who DIDN'T put on vacation weight. =)

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