Saturday, August 20, 2011

The scales have been kind...

My new dog, Spike.
I've been running with my dog Spike nearly every day since I got back from Bear Lake. We run from 24-36 minutes, and sometimes when I get back home I'll do three variations of mountain climbers, which are excellent for strengthening the core. My runs with Spike are different from my treadmill runs, because Spike is FAST. He pulls me along with him much of the time, making me sprint. I have no tools (like a nifty iPhone app) to tell me how many miles I run, but I always shoot for at least 24 minutes. I 'm always sweaty and gross when I get home, so I know it's productive. Also, my body is pretty sore the morning after. The knees, ankles, and feet. I'll take it as a good sign.

My friend Mumbledore beat me in the last 5K, but I've been training!
REDBOOK suggested that I "TWITTER [MY] WAY FITTER" in a blurb by Jamie Beckman on p.88 of the August issue. The blurb suggested that I set up a "Facebook fitness posse" or other networking sites. I have done the No Sugar May Facebook group, and I've been training for the BIG FOOT 5K in 2 weeks with at least 4 of my fb friends. I find talking, posting and blogging about my fitness is a huge help, so I know there's merit to RB's idea. Plus, random compliments from your fitness friends is a great confidence booster. (Apparently, I need confidence-boosters more than the average person. My friend Shan says I'm a poster-child for self-deprecation. I didn't think so, until I went clothes shopping with her and spewed my dissatisfaction of my body all over her. Is this better, Shan? "I'm good enough. I'm strong enough. And doggone it, people like me!" hehehehe)

The article also suggest following a weight loss blog. Any, hey! This is a weight loss blog! Take RB's advice and click that little "Join This Site" button to your left. =) And you can now follow my new twitter account: RenasProse
or my facebook: Rena Lesue-Smithey.
Looking forward to friending you. =) We can start a fitness group for September.

building sandcastles = burning cals
In an adjacent blurb on p. 88, there is a list of calories you burn per hour doing outdoor beachy activities. Since I went to the beach last week, I'd was excited to see that burned a lot more than I thought I had. For example: Jumping waves burns 300 cals per hour. Building sandcastles burns 200-300 cals an hour. Lane and I constructed lots of sandcastles, so I figure I prolly burned 600 cals doing this last week at Bear Lake.

And now the moment you've been waiting for...
How kind have the scales been to me this week?

The scale has stayed between 160-162 all week. Currently it's at 161, and I'll take it. Since school is starting up again and my stress levels have only tripled, I can only hope to maintain this until I get a chance to mellow out. I'm giving myself at least a week to get the teaching stress outta my system.

Plus, running with the dog REALLY helps relieve some stress at the end of a rough week. I really wish I could talk about what is happening in my life to cause such turmoil, but alas, I can't. Just know this...therapy is in the horizon.

I heart you, dieteers. Your support is like calorie-free comfort food.

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  1. I'd feel better about your mocking of Stuart Smalley if I thought you really meant it. I guess I'll take what I can get.


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