Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pop Quiz

Sorry, dieteers. You showed up to class today, and now you've got to take a pop quiz. Don't even try to pull that I-lost-my-notes-in-a-freak-gasoline-fight-accident-and-couldn't-study crap. I'm on to you! And this quiz is 50 % of your grade too! Yeah. And if you fail, you also have to publicly flogged with a no. 2 pencil in the commons area! Mwahahahaha!

Teachering is fun...

But seriously, it's a quiz from REDBOOK. An energy quiz meant to help a person figure out the source of their lack of energy that was adapted from Ashley Koff and Kathy Kaehler's book, Mom Energy: A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged. And I'll actually just be giving you my answers...but you better not cheat [eyes narrowed] and use them when you take the quiz on p. 102 of the Sept. issue of REDBOOK.

  1. "I have caffeine...only in the morning" and in the form of Crystal Light Energy. 
  2. "At 7 p.m., I usually feel: Relaxed/fine and sometimes Hungry and tired".
  3. "I feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning: Most days." 
  4. "One glass of wine (or one other drink) makes me:" ...I don't
  5. "I've been on a diet: Within the last year."
  6. [This question is too personal. See magazine.]
  7. "My kids and family typically: Adjust to my needs when I take time for myself," but "I'm not great at putting my foot down and scheduling me time."
  8. "My coworkers or friends would describe my energy as: Hot and cold; I have highs and lows."
So now that you have my answers, what does that mean?

Score Analysis: 
According to Koff and Kaehler, I'm a darn-good life-juggler. I can keep everything balanced for the most part, but it's taking it's toll on my energy often leaving me exhausted and listless. I have lots of "up" days and a few days where only all I wanna do is take a couple of Aleve, watch a whole disk of Grey's Anatomy in my jammies, and pass of my responsibilities to Rick. I'm paraphrasing of course.

"Me time" shoes
Their advice? Recharge by:
  1. Getting an examination by a doctor. Have him check you for sleep apnea, depression, thyroid problems, etc. [I'm do for one anyway and will be scheduling one for early October.]
  2. Don't drink too much caffeine or alcohol. It can interfere with your sleeping habits. [I really wanna stop drinking caffeine altogether, and since I don't booze up, that's not really a problem for me.]
  3. Quit dieting! [What the what?] Really, the authors insist that you avoid diets that "involve cycles of deprivation and indulgence", because they are sucking the energy from you. [phew. I feel like my eating habits are less "diet-ish" and more "life-style change-ish". There's a difference.]
  4. Take B Vitamins. [OK. Can do.] B-vitamins are a source of energy, but can be depleted by stress [which is something I've suffered from in the last 3 months]. Foods high in B-vitamins are "whole grains, beans, dark green veggies, and fish" or just take a supplement.
  5. Make sure to get in some "me time". [Now you're talking.] Koff and Kaehler suggest that scheduling time for yourself can seriously help recharge. [A lot of my exercise routines fill this purpose, but I also enjoy shopping (for shoes), lunch with friends, walks with the kids, gardening, and writing] (106). 

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