Thursday, September 29, 2011

A steady 157lbs.

It's been over a week, I think, since my last post, and I wanted to keep you, faithful dieteers, from worrying. My lack of posts have not been due to weigh gain. I've been busy is all. My weight has been at a steady 157 for pretty much the whole week. If you're keeping track, I guess I did gain 1 pound. [sad face]

Workouts over the week have included running with the dog and my son (who rides his bike) at least 3 times a week for 26 minutes, followed by a 3 variations of mountain climbers.
Yes, my shirt does say, "It's gonna be Legen--wait for it--dary." So what.  I heart How I Met Your Mother.
My neighbor took these. She called 'em paparazzi photos. I call that foreshadowing. hehehe.

On the days that I work I try to go on a walk with my kids in the evening to get the blood flowing and to elevate my mood. I've been drinking the Xocai high-antioxidant weight loss shake continually for 2 meals a day, mostly for convenience, but it really helps me maintain my weight and keeps my energy way up! For example, today I had my breakfast and lunch shakes and by late afternoon I realized I hadn't had any caffeine. Normally, I'd have a migraine the size of Alaska by the time school was out, but not today. Today I hardly noticed. Perhaps, I can finally give up my liquid mistress. hmm...

And, I started a faculty walking group at work. We try to walk a mile during our lunch 1/2 hour. Ours numbers are small right now, but I hope to inspire more people at work to get outta the dungeon/classroom during the day. 

Also, I used to think--and maybe even mentioned it on my blog before--that the Xocai reps had some of the best skin I've ever seen. I'm talking pristine, clear skin. The lot of 'em could be spokespersons for Neutragena, for acne's sake. I wondered if the Xocai really did turn back the aging clock, like they claim. I mean, I know that Xocai is packed full of antioxidants and all that jazz, but for some reason, I never expected to see a difference in my complexion. Someone at work mentioned that my skin looked really good and I was like, "eh", but then I got my annual school pics in my box, and when I saw myself, I was like "Wha--?" I look WAY more clear and healthy than last year. My blasted scanner is broken, so I can't show you the exact pictures I was referring to, but here's a pic from last year...

Close up
I think I was a size 14 in these. Weighed around 175, I think.
And one from this year...
I'm the one on the left. The other is my friend Ashley. She's pretty awesome despite her obsession with Harry Potter.

There must be something to the antioxidants claim after all.

And now it's time for...
I went to a conference in Cedar City last weekend with my English Dept. and we ate pretty horribly. Don't get me wrong, the food was fantabulous, but not good for me.

Here's what I ate for a meal one night.
I confess. I had a love affair with this praline and caramel ice-cream pie. Forgive me?

Seriously, I ate this and nothing else...until around mid-night when I raided the hotel room fridge for my fajita leftovers from the night before when we dined at Chili's and I ate my weight in chips and salsa before dinner even showed up. (Btw, the highlight of that meal was watching the couple in the booth next to us have a first date. I felt like I was watching a mating ritual through a glass partition as if I visiting Sea World and the couple were aquatic marvels. Geez, I can't even imagine plunging into the dating world again. So many awkward moments. So many duds. So many free meals...wait...was this a pro list or con? hehehe)

But somehow after eating like poo all weekend, I still managed to stay right at 157. I think I owe this one to Xocai and exercise.

Peace out, peeps. Be watching for an interview with Jillian Michaels, who is on the cover of the October issue of REDBOOK. Can't wait! I heart Jillian Michaels.

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