Saturday, October 29, 2011

I followed a pink fairy for 3 miles.

I ran another 5K today. Didn't beat my Nestle 5K time, but still I'm proud.

Nestle time: 32:30
Salem Witches time: 34:56

The weather was freezing. Seriously, it didn't get warmer than 38 degrees out there. I intended to wear a witch costume. I had a hat and a skirt and black and purple socks with skulls and crossbones, but then it turned out to be so cold that all I managed to wear of my costume was the socks. Then I bundled up in this outfit, plus a hooded Salem sweatshirt and mittens. Now that I look at it, it looks like I got dressed in the dark. Maybe a witch cursed me with this outfit.

My friend Annie ran too. She kicked my trash. And she was pushing a stroller.

This is how we felt after the race. (Not true. I'm always so energized after a good workout, but this is definitely how we felt about the cold weather!)

Pulling up the witch knee-highs in my new Salem Witch Run tee. I won it in a drawing. It's actually last year's tee. I didn't opt to get the tee from this year. Didn't have enough cash on me.

Funny thing about this pic is that I'm wearing my HS soccer shirt underneath the black tee. My soccer shirt is bigger than my race t-shirt and seems to be spilling out from under the other shirt. Also, it looks like I'm sucking in my stomach, but I'm not. I swear. I just don't have a gut anymore. I wonder when that happened?

"To the victors go the spoils." which in this case is awesome bread from Kneadin' Bread and raspberry Jelly from a local farmer. YUM! I didn't really win the race, but our school's team beat the other schools in the district!

Ah well. I'm dressing up tonight for the trunk-or-treat thing at my church, so that'll be my chance to wear the witch costume. Although, I'm still torn b/n witch and Miss America. I do look damn good in my old prom dress. Hmm...decisions. decisions.

Here's some more race info:

I took 12th in my age bracket (21-30).
I took 104th overall (out of 194 runners).
I came in right after a pink fairy and a witch from Wizard of Oz.
The best costume in my eyes was the guy who wore a black body-suit with underwear over the top, and a sign on his chest that said, "El Bandito". He looked awesome. Plus his toddler was dressed as a chicken. (I wanted to ask him if her name was Beyonce.)You'd have voted for him too.

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  1. Way to go on your time and running. I can't wait to get back into running again.


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