Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Avoid the Turkey Hangover

Actually, I don't have a problem so much with turkey as I do with sweets. The holidays are terrible for my diet, because I literally have NO stop button for most holidays treats.

YOU: Most? Psh. Aren't you exaggerating?

ME: Ha. You'd think. But nope. I mean most.

YOU: Almond roca?
Come to mama. (This slice is likely 500 cals.)

ME: I'd eat a whole can.

YOU: Egg nog?

ME: I'd down a pint even though it gives me a stomach ache. No regrets.

YOU: Pecan pie?

ME: Are you kidding? Pecan pie is my Achilles heel. You could swap out mashed potatoes with a scoop of gooey pecan pie innards, and I wouldn't even bat an eye. In fact, I'd probably be too hypnotized to blink. I'm not kidding. I could suck a pecan pie filling from the shell like an oyster. If it were legal to marry a pecan pie, I'd become a pie-lygamist.

YOU: Candy canes?

ME: You win. I'm not a huge fan. It's like eating a tube of peppermint toothpaste.

Clearly the holidays and I are not on the best standing and it couldn't have come at a worse time. Seriously, I've got 8 lbs to lose (yep, I lost another pound!) and tomorrow is Thanksbinging. [Sigh.] Fortunately the lovely folks at REDBOOK anticipated my troubles and made sure to include some hints to avoid overeating this holiday season.

The first comes from Hungry girl's section of the November issue. She suggests eating a big breakfast and a small meal before dinner. Do not starve yourself before the big meal in hopes of saving room for all the goodies to come. (heh. Who does that? heh. heh.). Then she suggests that during dinner you "fill your plate with salad, white turkey meat, and veggies." [This is exactly what I usually do, except I love dark meat, despite the additional calories. But I don't eat stuffing, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, or anything else carb-y on the table. Except for my grandmother's jello ribbon salad.]

Also, only have a small dessert. Hungry girls says if cravings come after all that, pop a mint. It'll take the sweet-tooth edge off and voila! you didn't binge! [This is the part where I struggle. Gulp.]

The next hint is from the tight-ab-ed trainer and health enthusiast, Jillian Michaels. Her 4 tips come from the October issue of REDBOOK.
I know how you feel, Santa, but at least you're not a turkey.
  1. Pick your days to splurge. The holidays don't really last months at a time, they are only 4 distinct days of the year: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (or other holiday) and New Year's. When you narrow it down that way, it doesn't seem so hard to diet all season. 
  2. Schedule future workouts. Join workout class and stick to the schedule. [Personally, I don't think I need to do this, since I'm pretty dedicated to working out on my own. In fact this week, I've done the dreaded stair workout by Padma Lakshmi and a mountain climbing program on my treadmill. Also, I will be working out before tomorrow's big meal too.]
  3. Don't beat yourself up if you slip. She used the analogy of a flat tire. If you get a flat tire, do you get outta the car and slash the other 3? or do you change the 1 tire and get back on the road to your goal? I like her thinking. [I heart this analogy! So clever and true. I make break a rule here and there, but I'm not going to let these blunders turn into habits that will prevent me from reaching my goal.]
  4. Focus on the big picture. When cravings sneak up on you, remember what you really want in a body that is healthy and strong. You don't want to feel yucky all the time, so make choices that you help you feel better physically. [Can do!]
I am really glad for the help. I need to be reminded sometimes of my end goal, which, btw, has been extended by 2 weeks. "Whaaa?" you ask. I know I only gave myself a year to lose 21 lbs, and I intend to be dedicated to the end, but I'm giving myself until Jan. 12th to reach my goal?

Why the extension?

It just so happens that I am going to visit a friend from high school in Orlando on Jan. 12th, a friend I haven't seen in...dum dum dummm...nearly 13 years!! Seeing someone from high school after a journey like this a perfect ending to my year of diet/exercise boot camp, and it's kinda a big deal, so that's why I'm giving myself another 2 weeks to get down to 145 lbs. Only 8 more to go in 7 weeks. I have to lose a little more than a pound a week. Hopefully I can do it! Send your karma my way, b/c play time is over. This is it.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
I'm thankful for your support.

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  1. I'm just the opposite. I could skip the dessert, but don't take away my mashed potatoes and stuffing.

    Also? Where I used to live in Georgia there was a little hole in the wall cafe that served five different types of pecan pie. I only tried the chocolate pecan pie there and it was GOOD. I can only imagine the other 4 were eqully delicious.


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