Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sinus Infection

I've been sick since last Saturday. Yeah. Sick for a week straight. I had a cold, but when it didn't get better, I went to the doctor to be checked for strep. Didn't have strep, but had a sinus infection.

It sucks.

Hot and cold flashes, a throat so sore it feels like I swallowed some barbed wire or at the very least one of those plastic army men. I have had ZERO energy and spent most of my Christmas break in bed. That is if you don't count the one time I went out to the bank and to get gas and ended up with a flat tire. I know. Seriously, Karma? What did I do to deserve that? Is this because of the one time I dragged a cat behind me on the interstate? I told you. I didn't know it was there!

Now I'm mostly better, but my antibiotics don't cure cramps. Yep. That's what I have to look forward to in the next week. UGH.

So you can imagine what the scale has been doing. Up and down. Low and high. I want to punch it in the plastic face. It's not like I can work out yet, though I am watching my diet. Worst Christmas ever (in regards to health. Otherwise, it was pretty amazing.)

I'll keep you updated.

I hope the next post isn't my eulogy. And if it is, I should probably confess now to eating two whole boxes of Triskets in two days.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas sucks for dieteers.

I bet if you listed all the crap you ate over the holidays, you'd die of shock and they'd write "Believed sugar was harmless just because it's the 'holidays'" on your tombstone, which is probably why you don't list all the crap you've been tempted with.

But you're in luck. I'm about to make that list for you:
(And I'll add Y for yes if I ate it and N for no if I didn't.)

Christmas party temptations:
  • three tables of cakes in various flavors and icings. (N)
  • DOTS (N- I got this in a gift exchange and traded them for a box of microwaved popcorn. Much healthier)
  • Twizzlers (N-Given to me at a party, and I gave them to my kid.)
  • All the toppings you would find on a gingerbread house (N, except for a couple mints.)
  • Crepe bar with pudding, whipped cream, and all things sweet for toppings. (N)
Family party temptations (where 50% of the adults present  had diabetes or insulin resistance):
  • cake and ice cream (N)
  • Almond roca ice cream cake with an oreo crust, a layer of peanut butter, and topped with caramel and hot fudge (Y, but felt sick afterward, and I split my serving with my kids.)
  • Apple pie with brown sugar crumble topping (N)
  • Pecan pie (Y, one slice. I chased it with 3 glasses of water, just to make sure I didn't have room in my belly for more.) 
  • Berry pie (N)
  • Pumpkin pie (N) 
  • Banana cream pie (Y, 1/2 slice)
  • Loaves of sourdough bread (Y, a few chunks)
  • Battered onion flower (Y, a few) 
  • french fries (Y, but only 3)
  • bread with artichoke dip (Y, one slice)
  • hot wings (Y, one)
  • jalapeno poppers (Y, one)
  • home-made caramel candies with nuts and maraschino cherries (Y, four)
Decorating the tree last Christmas (the date on pic is wrong.) Check out the junk in that trunk. Yep. I ate a lot of crap last year too.  I'm 15 lbs. lighter now, btw.
Gifts/temptations from friends, family, and colleagues:
  • a small box of chocolate covered nuts (Y, 1/3 of box)
  • homemade Oreo cookies (N)
  • Snicker's fudge (Y) 
  • chocolate cookie bars (Y, one)
  • a bag of Dove chocolates (N)
  • Turtle bars (N)
  • iced sugar cookies (N) 
  • popcorn ball (Y, 1/2 of one)
  • chocolate chip cookies (Y, two)
  • oatmeal raisin cookies (Y, one)
  • doughnuts (Y, one)
  • Christmas peppermint Peeps (Y, two. I don't even know why. I don't like straight marshmallows or Peeps, but I ate these and they were GOOD.)
Temptations I made for my neighbors: (Next year they're getting baby carrots)
  • chocolate covered mint toffee (Y)
  • butterless brownies (Y, three)
  • apple cinnamon cake (Y, a slice)
I know. I know. I should be flogged with a giant candy cane for giving into so many temptations. I'm going to be better this week though. Mostly cuz I feel like crap. When I eat crap, I feel like crap. And my face gets all sallow and dough-y. It's gross, and no amount of tanning can change that. Only healthy eating.

And just  so you don't think I've been ignoring the workouts, here's what I've done so far this week:
  • MON: Interval workout; ran 1/2 mile @ 5.8, then weights, lunges, or squats for 5 minutes, then repeat until I ran for 2 miles total.
  • TUES: none
  • WED: Same as Mon. and ab workout from Jan. issue of REDBOOK
  • THURS: Same as Wed. 
  • TODAY: Getting ready to do the ab workout, but I have a killer, nauseating headache, so I'm not sure what cardio I'll be able to do yet. I might have to wait and see how I feel.
 Wish me luck. Who knows what the next 3 days of the Christmas season will bring. Chocolate-covered diabetes? A deep-fried heart attack? Who knows.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News

"I wanna a Zooble that has babies and..."
I can't believe after the bazillion things I've done today that I'm going to blog too. Seriously, why do I take on so much.

I've been up since 5:45am.
I worked on the weight loss memoir,
worked out,
got ready,
went to a doctor appointment,
went grocery shopping,
fixed lunch,
ate lunch (which consisted of a microwaved egg on a slice of cheese on a slice of bread. And shut up. It was good enough.)
worked on an article,
called some people for quotes,
submitted article,
graded papers,
picked up kid from school early,
took both kids to dentist,
recaffeinated for the third time,
made cornbread (which I did not eat. It was for the party later.)
made cookies in a mason jar for family Christmas presents,
"I wanna Batman car with a remote."
helped fix the Christmas tree after kids broke the base,
went to a Christmas party (and did not eat from the catered crepe dessert bar. yay me!)
helped prevent my 3yo from climbing out a church window. (And by "helped" I mean "listened to Rick's account of wrangling in the kid")
waited in line for Santa (had to tell him I needed a live-in masseuse or rather a robot masseuse, because then I won't have to feed it),
came home,
read to kids (Snowmen at Christmas and The Hat),
picked up a bag of 3 frozen hens from the front porch (someone is secretly giving us the twelve days of Christmas. We don't know who it is, but they are AWESOME. Today we got "3 French hens" or rather 3 Tyson hens. =) Anyway we are grateful and can really use it),
tried to pacify my dog as he barked at a dark empty hallway,
and now I'm about to die of exhaustion.

But thing was a pretty amazing day for my weight loss journey, because...

I saw the doctor who originally diagnosed me with insulin resistance almost 5 years ago.
Vin and I with Dr. Jacobs. Without him, my miracle baby would have never been born. Thank you, doc.

I hadn't been into see Dr. Jacobs since April of 2007, and he struggled with recognizing me today, and I should say so! I am 70 lbs lighter now. Of course even though the doctor's scale said 158 today, at home it says 151. (I only have 6 more lbs. to lose). And Dr. Jacobs and his nurse both said I looked great. I shared with him how his diagnosis and diet and exercise regimen changed my life, that I had lost 70lbs, how I don't need my Metaformin anymore, and I started running 5K's. I told him about the blog and about REDBOOK featuring me in May, and most importantly that after I started dropping the weight and regulating my sugar and carb intake, I got pregnant with my son, Vin. Vin and I both owe Dr. Jacobs our lives.

Thanks, doc. =)

And a cute family photo after Lane's Christmas play. It seems my kids forgot how to smile.

(More on my medical stats when the test results come in. I'm going to do another glucose test to compare my numbers with my numbers from 5 years ago.)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My gingerbread house will be made of ricecakes and low-fat cream cheese.

My grocery list this week includes:
  • milk
  • eggs
  • almond roca
  • sugar-free mints
  • lettuce
  • bananas
  • yogurt (reason: on p. 186 of Dec. issue of REDBOOK, it lists yogurt as the "#1 food for weight loss", adding "people who upped their yogurt intake--eating at least one serving a day--dropped almost a pound every four years". According to Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, yogurt is "strongly linked with long-term weight loss" (186). That's good news for me. I'm in it for the long-haul. Although I do wanna lose the last 8 lbs in 6 weeks. Phew. This is gonna be a rough December.
  • whole wheat pasta
  • spinach leaves
  • peanut m&ms
  • almonds
  • Splenda (reason: I've cut out sugar again, and I'm counting my carbs religiously. I need a replacement sweeter for my vampire-strength sweet tooth.
  • Crystal Light with caffeine 
  • Sweet potatoes (reason: Yams are December's Superfood, according to REDBOOK. What's so great about sweet potatoes? Well, when they aren't bathed in brown sugar and butter or blanketed with marshmellows, they are super healthy. They are full of fiber and have beta-carotene, which is good for the eyes. Plus on spud only has about 100 calories! Sweet! ...potatoes. har. har.
  • whole wheat tortillas
  • sour cream
  • pork tenderloins (reason: I'm going to try the recipe for Pork and Pepper Fajitas on p. 184 of this month's REDBOOK. I'm using low-cal ingredients, but normally they are 631 cals and 71 carbs for 2 tortillas. I think I'll be able to pare down the cals a couple hundred calories by not using guacamole and by replacing the reg. tortillas with whole wheat ones.
  • stocking stuffers
  • tape
  • Twilight on Blue Ray
  • barf bag
  • fruit
  • cheese
That's it. Have a good week everyone. And might I add, if you don't wanna blow your diet this December, replace your candy snack with a piece of fruit or an ounce of almonds. Blue Diamond makes some YUMMY flavored ones that have no more calories than the plain ones.

Plus, I tried the mint trick (eat a mint to pacify a sweet tooth), and it really worked! I was at a birthday party yesterday for my nephew, and the kids were decorating ginger bread houses with piles of m&ms, marshmellows, gum drops, licorice whips, Skittles, and candy canes. I was tempted, but the only sweet thing I had that day was a sweet pepper from the veggie tray and a mint. Go me. Diet - 1. Diabetes - 0.

Also, if you are a religious-type, add a fast this month by skipping two meals and focusing that time on helping and praying for the needy. Also donate the money or canned goods that you might have used on those two meals to a charitable organization. Let your sacrifice be helpful to someone else.

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