Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas sucks for dieteers.

I bet if you listed all the crap you ate over the holidays, you'd die of shock and they'd write "Believed sugar was harmless just because it's the 'holidays'" on your tombstone, which is probably why you don't list all the crap you've been tempted with.

But you're in luck. I'm about to make that list for you:
(And I'll add Y for yes if I ate it and N for no if I didn't.)

Christmas party temptations:
  • three tables of cakes in various flavors and icings. (N)
  • DOTS (N- I got this in a gift exchange and traded them for a box of microwaved popcorn. Much healthier)
  • Twizzlers (N-Given to me at a party, and I gave them to my kid.)
  • All the toppings you would find on a gingerbread house (N, except for a couple mints.)
  • Crepe bar with pudding, whipped cream, and all things sweet for toppings. (N)
Family party temptations (where 50% of the adults present  had diabetes or insulin resistance):
  • cake and ice cream (N)
  • Almond roca ice cream cake with an oreo crust, a layer of peanut butter, and topped with caramel and hot fudge (Y, but felt sick afterward, and I split my serving with my kids.)
  • Apple pie with brown sugar crumble topping (N)
  • Pecan pie (Y, one slice. I chased it with 3 glasses of water, just to make sure I didn't have room in my belly for more.) 
  • Berry pie (N)
  • Pumpkin pie (N) 
  • Banana cream pie (Y, 1/2 slice)
  • Loaves of sourdough bread (Y, a few chunks)
  • Battered onion flower (Y, a few) 
  • french fries (Y, but only 3)
  • bread with artichoke dip (Y, one slice)
  • hot wings (Y, one)
  • jalapeno poppers (Y, one)
  • home-made caramel candies with nuts and maraschino cherries (Y, four)
Decorating the tree last Christmas (the date on pic is wrong.) Check out the junk in that trunk. Yep. I ate a lot of crap last year too.  I'm 15 lbs. lighter now, btw.
Gifts/temptations from friends, family, and colleagues:
  • a small box of chocolate covered nuts (Y, 1/3 of box)
  • homemade Oreo cookies (N)
  • Snicker's fudge (Y) 
  • chocolate cookie bars (Y, one)
  • a bag of Dove chocolates (N)
  • Turtle bars (N)
  • iced sugar cookies (N) 
  • popcorn ball (Y, 1/2 of one)
  • chocolate chip cookies (Y, two)
  • oatmeal raisin cookies (Y, one)
  • doughnuts (Y, one)
  • Christmas peppermint Peeps (Y, two. I don't even know why. I don't like straight marshmallows or Peeps, but I ate these and they were GOOD.)
Temptations I made for my neighbors: (Next year they're getting baby carrots)
  • chocolate covered mint toffee (Y)
  • butterless brownies (Y, three)
  • apple cinnamon cake (Y, a slice)
I know. I know. I should be flogged with a giant candy cane for giving into so many temptations. I'm going to be better this week though. Mostly cuz I feel like crap. When I eat crap, I feel like crap. And my face gets all sallow and dough-y. It's gross, and no amount of tanning can change that. Only healthy eating.

And just  so you don't think I've been ignoring the workouts, here's what I've done so far this week:
  • MON: Interval workout; ran 1/2 mile @ 5.8, then weights, lunges, or squats for 5 minutes, then repeat until I ran for 2 miles total.
  • TUES: none
  • WED: Same as Mon. and ab workout from Jan. issue of REDBOOK
  • THURS: Same as Wed. 
  • TODAY: Getting ready to do the ab workout, but I have a killer, nauseating headache, so I'm not sure what cardio I'll be able to do yet. I might have to wait and see how I feel.
 Wish me luck. Who knows what the next 3 days of the Christmas season will bring. Chocolate-covered diabetes? A deep-fried heart attack? Who knows.


  1. Speaking as one who just had to survive Halloween & Thanksgiving with gestational diabetes and thus on a strict diet, I know how you feel. And I think you did great. I saw more No's than Yes's up there (and the Yes's were really small portion sizes.)

  2. I guess you're right. But the scale has been inching it's way up, and that totally freaks me out. I mean I have 6 lbs to meet my goal in 3 weeks. If I gain Christmas weight on top of that, there's no way I'll be able to do it. So none of the small portion sizes for me either. I've got to get this under control.

  3. We have to allow ourselvessome temptations. I have lost 15 lbs since Halloween and allowed Christmas to be my cheat day for the week. Now it's back to it-- 30 lbs more til I reach my goal weight. And as said above- you were in small portions and more no's than yes's. You've got this and lookin' HOT!!


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