Thursday, December 15, 2011

Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News

"I wanna a Zooble that has babies and..."
I can't believe after the bazillion things I've done today that I'm going to blog too. Seriously, why do I take on so much.

I've been up since 5:45am.
I worked on the weight loss memoir,
worked out,
got ready,
went to a doctor appointment,
went grocery shopping,
fixed lunch,
ate lunch (which consisted of a microwaved egg on a slice of cheese on a slice of bread. And shut up. It was good enough.)
worked on an article,
called some people for quotes,
submitted article,
graded papers,
picked up kid from school early,
took both kids to dentist,
recaffeinated for the third time,
made cornbread (which I did not eat. It was for the party later.)
made cookies in a mason jar for family Christmas presents,
"I wanna Batman car with a remote."
helped fix the Christmas tree after kids broke the base,
went to a Christmas party (and did not eat from the catered crepe dessert bar. yay me!)
helped prevent my 3yo from climbing out a church window. (And by "helped" I mean "listened to Rick's account of wrangling in the kid")
waited in line for Santa (had to tell him I needed a live-in masseuse or rather a robot masseuse, because then I won't have to feed it),
came home,
read to kids (Snowmen at Christmas and The Hat),
picked up a bag of 3 frozen hens from the front porch (someone is secretly giving us the twelve days of Christmas. We don't know who it is, but they are AWESOME. Today we got "3 French hens" or rather 3 Tyson hens. =) Anyway we are grateful and can really use it),
tried to pacify my dog as he barked at a dark empty hallway,
and now I'm about to die of exhaustion.

But thing was a pretty amazing day for my weight loss journey, because...

I saw the doctor who originally diagnosed me with insulin resistance almost 5 years ago.
Vin and I with Dr. Jacobs. Without him, my miracle baby would have never been born. Thank you, doc.

I hadn't been into see Dr. Jacobs since April of 2007, and he struggled with recognizing me today, and I should say so! I am 70 lbs lighter now. Of course even though the doctor's scale said 158 today, at home it says 151. (I only have 6 more lbs. to lose). And Dr. Jacobs and his nurse both said I looked great. I shared with him how his diagnosis and diet and exercise regimen changed my life, that I had lost 70lbs, how I don't need my Metaformin anymore, and I started running 5K's. I told him about the blog and about REDBOOK featuring me in May, and most importantly that after I started dropping the weight and regulating my sugar and carb intake, I got pregnant with my son, Vin. Vin and I both owe Dr. Jacobs our lives.

Thanks, doc. =)

And a cute family photo after Lane's Christmas play. It seems my kids forgot how to smile.

(More on my medical stats when the test results come in. I'm going to do another glucose test to compare my numbers with my numbers from 5 years ago.)


  1. Good job and way to work hard for what you want! What a difference 70#'s make right?
    You are an amazing woman to get all those things done in a day. I'm in the middle of studying for finals and shouldn't be blogging but I needed a break.
    Nice family photo too!

  2. You're an inspiration for me! Thanks for sharing your journey - Betsy


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