Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Celebrity Interview Tuesday: Blake Shelton

This is a blog post where REDBOOK asks me the same questions they ask their cover celebrity (whether they want to or not).

February's cover celeb is Blake Shelton, country singer and star of The Voice. Questions are asked by Lori Berger on pp. 130-135 of the Feb. 2012 issue of RB. Some questions have been modified slightly. Plus, I'm not a huge country fan, so this could get interesting.

RB: You're known to have quite the potty mouth. How much do you edit yourself?

ME: I edit myself when I'm around my kids. As much as I appreciate the occasional curse, I DO NOT want my children cursing. I also don't swear at work or anywhere that I might run into a spiritual leader. However, it doesn't matter who I'm around, if I'm about to get into a car accident or something equally frightening, I tend to slip. Sometimes I slip during Visit Teaching appointments, but I shrug it off always feel really bad after.

RB: What do you miss most about home?

ME: I've lived in Utah for almost 13 years. That's the longest I've ever lived in one state before. My dad was a G-man so we moved around a lot. Every 4 and 1/2 to 5 years in fact. My parents finally retired here and live less than a mile away from me, and my siblings are all close by except for one. I guess that makes Utah home. Home is wherever family is. You can't miss it if it's right here.

RB: What was it about [Rick] that made you want to spent the rest of your life with [him]? 

ME: He loves me unconditionally and always has. That was a major selling point since I have a LOT of flaws. Also we have the same sense of humor. Rick and I had been best friends for 5 years before we got married. Since our marriage was founded on friendship that makes some of our challenges easier to deal with. We'll always get along even if we're pissed at each other.

RB: What valuable advice did you get from Rick's dad? 

ME: Um...I don't know if he's ever given me advice specifically, but he taught Rick to respect his elders and that is certainly carrying over to our children. They always say "thank you", "excuse me", and "please". They're pretty polite for rug-rats. =)

RB: Do you have a domestic side? 

ME: Yes. Four years of Home Ec. proves that. haha. Actually, my mom and I hemmed 3 skirts yesterday and made 6 loaves of wheat bread from scratch. I'm not even kidding. We did. And before I went over to her house yesterday, I cleaned all 3 bathrooms, did the dishes, and made a grocery list. Probably the only non-domestic thing I did yesterday was finishing up an article for the newspaper. Would it surprise you to learn that I'm a feminist too?

RB: ...

ME: Thought so.

Don't worry. Rick is into sneakers. Not these kinds of shoes.
RB: So on Valentine's Day, did [Rick] get a lovey card from you?

ME: This year we didn't get each other anything. We decided to wait for our tax return to come, and then we'll each go get a new pair of shoes. That's something we have in common. We're both shoe-freaks. But my favorite gift from Rick is when he makes me a homemade card. He has the best drawings and they make me laugh for years afterward. Once he drew me a picture of a Sasquatch, and my daughter thought it was a gingerbread man. Awesome.

RB: You've been named one of [The Redbook Experiment's hottest wives]--

ME: --Really? Wow. Thanks. It's the gams. [nods head.]
Does it matter that I'm the only contributor of TRE? You know what? Nevermind. I'm just going to savor this.

RB: ...but what makes you a good [wife]?

ME: I'm not sure I am one. But I do have great organizational skills. I get a lot done in one day. Did you know I have 3 regular jobs? Yep. I do all that and manage the household. I do taxes, manage the money, help with the homework, read to my kids, exercise regularly, blog regularly on TWO blogs, and write in my free time. It's gets hectic sometimes. Two weeks ago, I presented at a teacher conference at BYU, had parent teacher conferences, a proposal for a Young Writers Camp due, and 2 deadlines. It got pretty crazy that week and ended with a chiropractor visit, but somehow I keep all the balls in the air. Rick is a huge help. And my parents.

Thanks for the interview, RB. I have to get to work now. Chao!

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