Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Celebrity Interview Tuesday: Jaime Pressly

This is a blog post where REDBOOK asks me the same questions they ask celebrities (whether they want to or not).

February's "MY BIGGEST FAN" celeb is Jaime Pressly, star of the sitcom I Hate My Teenage Daughter, and she used to play Joy, the sassy unlicensed manicurist and mother of Earl's son on My Name is Earl. Questions are asked by Pressly's 4yo son, Dezi, and adapted by Lori Berger on p. 112 of the Feb. 2012 issue of RB. In the spirit of letting a kid interview the celebrity, I've asked my 3yo son, Vin, to interview me too.
This is us a year ago.

ME: Vin, ask me any question in the world.

VIN: ...

ME: What do you want to know about me?


ME: Anything?

VIN: [Dips down to the floor.] Mom, I found something. [Holds up an individually wrapped mint.] Is it mine?

ME: [sigh] Sure.[Vin struggles with the wrapper. I get an idea.] Hey, I'll open it for you, but you have to ask me a question.

VIN: Uh...You are good.

ME: [laughs] OK, but you have to ask me a question. Like...'What is your favorite thing about your kids?'

VIN: Mommy and Daddy and Lanie. [Puts mint in mouth. Makes a face and pulls it back out.] Yucky. Mom, I don't wanna eat this. It's yucky.
Vin and I at Bear Lake last August.

ME: [Sidebar. I'm not getting anywhere with Vin, so I head back to my office. I'll try answering Dezi's questions.]

DEZI: Mommy, you said we don't ever use the word hate, so how come your show is called I Hate My Teenage Daughter?

VIN: [Finds me in the office. Holds mint up to my face.] Hey, mom! This isn't so yucky. [Puts mint in mouth and runs away.]

ME: Um...Well Dezi...

VIN: [Runs back into the office. Strips off the top half of his Batman suit so it hangs from the waist.] Mom, it is kinda yucky cuz I got all sticky! [Shakes hands emphatically. Runs to bathroom. A second later, I hear the water running.]

ME: ...So, Dezi, I have no idea how to answer that. Next question.

DEZI: My favorite book is Go Away, Big Green Monster! What's yours?

ME: My favorite book to read to my kids is There's a Monster at the End of This Book with Grover. My kids love to encourage me to turn the next page even though Grover flips out every time. Did you know Grover does not use contractions when he speaks? True story.

DEZI: "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..."

ME: ...

DEZI: What's your favorite game to play?

Vin and the little girl I babysit.
VIN: [comes back into the office with suit back on. Stands with his back toward me and doesn't say a word. This is the universal sign for "Velcro my suit back together around the neck". I do so. He runs away.]

ME: My favorite game is Couch Balloon. We saw it on an episode of Raising Hope, but we've been playing it since we were kids. You take a balloon and hit it to your opponent on the other side of the couch or in our case we use the ottoman as the barrier. Whoever lets the balloon drop loses. It's a pretty simple game, but the kids LOVE it.

VIN: [Comes in holding a new tube of toothpaste.] Is this new toofpaste?

ME: Yes. It's my new toothpaste.

VIN: You need to get me new toofpaste!

ME: I gave you my old toothpaste. [They ran out of theirs, b/c they leave the cap off, and it dries out. However, my old tube, which wasn't out, has a flip top. So I put it in the kids bathroom.]

VIN: New old toofpaste?

ME: Yep.

VIN: [walks off with head stooped low.]

DEZI: Remember when I visited you at work and I brought you a little Charlie Brown?

ME: No.

DEZI: Linus! And I also brought your three balloons.

ME: For Couch Balloon? Sweet!

VIN: [runs in. Turns around. I re-Velcro his suit, and expect to see him back in 2 minutes or less for the same reason.] Thanks, mom.

ME: I love you.

Thanks, RB and the Presslys. That was fun. Special thanks to my little guy who may not know how to ask questions yet, but is still the coolest kid in my book.


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