Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Celebrity [Fashion] Interview: Kerry Washington

This is a style interview adapted from the regular piece from REDBOOK called "WHAT WOULD [insert celebrity name here] DO?

March's celeb style to steal is Kerry Washington's (p. 46). You may know her as Ray Charles' wife in Ray or as the blind woman in Fantastic Four. But movie career notwithstanding, the girl's got style.
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REDBOOK advertises her Crisp, Casual, and Funky styles. Here's my interpretation of each and I didn't buy anything new. Seriously, I had all this stuff in my closet.

Suggestion: Pair a "graphic color-block dress" with nude or metallic shoe. Long sparkly earrings and a clutch.

  My adaptation:  A purple dress with graphic stripe down the middle and detailed piping cinching the waist. I teachered up the outfit so I can get away with wearing it to school.

Suggestion: Wear a big stripy top with skinny jeans and ankle boots. My friend Kristin was wearing this EXACT outfit when we went to Hunger Games last Thursday, but I totally forgot to take a photo of her. Guess I was too busy comparing the book with the movie. Like, how the book's hounds were way better than the movie's version. The movie didn't even talk about how they melded the hounds DNA with that of  the fallen tributes. My morbid fascination was disappointed. 

 My adaptation: I don't own skinny jeans, but I do own leggings. Most of my shirts are fitted too and I don't own ankle boots, so this was quite the challenge. I used my husbands' grey button up and a yellow bag that I got for my birthday last year. I rather like how it turned out. VERY comfy too.

Suggestion: Juxtapose a floral print with leopard print clutch and bold shoes.

My adaptation: I didn't have any 80's floral, so I used this instead. It's a stretch, I know, but oh well. The shoes are still red. My purse isn't a leopard print clutch, obviously, but it is navy faux snakeskin one.
  I think I look fat in that pic. Especially next to rail-thin Kerry. It's weird taking pics of myself for this new blogging venture. I'm used to just being in my workout clothes for the photos, but this is all new territory. I DO NOT photograph well--as you can see.

Diet wise, I've been trying to kick sugar again. I'm not doing so great. I had strep throat last week and workouts have taken a back burner to getting kicking the sore throat. I did go to the Festival of Colors last Saturday, so I could cover it for the paper, it ended up being a workout though, b/c all the shuttles were full and I had to carry my 40lbs son on my back for miles back to my car. The day after, my body hurt all over, like the how you feel after snowboarding for the first time of the season.

Plus, it's teacher appreciation week. What does that mean? The PTA gives us sugary treats several times during the week. Today, I ate a glazed doughnut shaped like a foot. It had little candy toenails--giving it the look of a blue pedicure. Seems wrong on so many levels. I feel sick.


  1. {** I think I look fat in that pic. Especially next to rail-thin Kerry. It's weird taking pics of myself for this new blogging venture. I'm used to just being in my workout clothes for the photos, but this is all new territory. I DO NOT photograph well--as you can see. **}

    Here's my opinion for what it's worth: the reason you look fat in that last picture is because the dress is completely the wrong style for you. IT makes you look blocky, which is different than fat, but reads the same in photos. Now that you are so close to your ultimate goal (or already reached it? I get confused because I think you look amazing but then you'll say something about 10 more pounds..) Anyway, I think it's time to refine your closet to what makes you look amazing.

    What I'm currently excited about is "Dressing Your Truth" by Carol Tuttle. you can check it out here: dressingyourtruth.com figure out what your energy is and start dressing like it. Don't get all excited and purchase her course for $199. Instead sign up for her 8 free emails that teach you what your energy type is and then wait until day 10-she'll send you a link for a discount and you can get the course for $99. Sigh. I'd totally have bought it already but this was a bad month for me financially. Anyway, my aunt got it, and it is amazing.

    or if the whole energy thing is too much for you (which I doubt because you like yoga) but if it is, at least check out the book "Never look fat again" from the library. It is second best, but still good. I just don't like that it comes at fashion from a "hide your flaws" perspective. Carol Tuttle comes at it from a "you are beautiful, you just need to dress congruently with your dominant energy" perspective.

    p.s. You don't really want to be as "rail thin" as the anorexic looking Kerry, do you? Please say no!

  2. My sister told me about that program. She loves it!

    And you're totally right. I understand that not all of my clothes are perfect for my shape. And seeing a photo of me in this dress does make me look boxy, which in turn makes me sad, b/c it's one of my favorite dresses. Ah well. I'm all for change and updating wardrobe. (Especially shoes. lol.)

    I've picked up some tips from What Not to Wear, and I hope this Tuttle program helps to fill in the gaps.

    Thanks for the advice, and no, I don't wanna look anorexic. Just good in jeans. Also, my MIL said I looked sick in one photo. Said my check bones looked sunken and gaunt. I disagree. I mean I'm 152lbs. and a size 8. That's hardly anorexic. (As I type this I have a slice of buttered toast in my mouth. haha. Gaunt my foot.)


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