Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Celebrity Interview Tuesday: Lenny Kravitz

According to the March 2012 issue of REDBOOK, "Lenny Kravitz is just waiting for the right girl" (p. 89). Marisa Fox interviews him about his role in Hunger Games, his interior design business, and dating.

In this post, Fox *unintentionally* asks me the same similar questions. I think if Fox were naming this post, she'd call it:

The Redbook Experiment is just waiting for the right outfit. 


 Teenage hangout: 
Diamondhead pool in MS
 "Mostly harmless swimmers with the occasional weirdo."

Grooves to: 
"I love the entire Longstrong album. 
Her voice is haunting and reaches out and strums my heart like guitar strings."

Side project: 
Weight Loss Memoir
"I've lost 70 lbs in less than 5 years, and even though that seems like a long time to lose weight, the journey is really worth sharing. I battled infertility and insulin resistance, but the book is really about realizing my personal worth and taking back my life."

RB: How come you're able to unplug so easily? 

ME: It's not easy. I am an internet junkie. I have 3 email accounts, a smart phone, 3 computers in the house (one for each of us, except for Vin), 5 blogs (some private), and sometimes I even use facebook on my Kindle. That said, when I'm camping, I totally unplug and LOVE it. I do still bring the Kindle though. I love being around my family and doing things outdoors. We are thinking about going to Lake Powell soon, and I'm pretty psyched.

RB: You have [another blog]--tell me about that.

ME: Sure. PROSE-SPECTIVE is my writing, teaching, and daily life blog. I review books, write chunks of fiction, tell true stories about my life and family, and try to make sense of my trials. I've had that blog for 2 years. It's the best therapy.

RB: And you're [writing for The Daily Herald]! Do you like it? 

ME: Yes. I love it. I get to interview so many interesting people in the community. I am probably a strange journalist though, because I prefer to write uplifting articles. However, I don't get to pick my assignments and sometimes have to write about crime or tragedy. A lot of times, the people who endure the worst kinds of tragedies make the most amazing recoveries or hold annual fundraisers for noble causes. They deserve to celebrated.

RB: How hands-on are you as a parent with your daughter, Lane?

ME: I only teach every other day, which is fortunate, because I get to be there for her for 50% more school functions than I was when I was teaching full time. We do homework with her every night and are proud to announce that she was honored with an academic award last month. She usually gets 100% on spelling tests too. We are very proud.

RB: What style are you rocking these days? 

ME: Dresses. Last month, I bought two new dresses and I wish I could wear 'em EVERY day. The purple one makes me feel like Addison Montgomery from Private Practice, and the other is a funky wrap dress that's very J-Lo meets high school English teacher.

RB: Did you have any say in your costumes [wardrobe]? 

ME: Well yes. But that gave me an interesting idea. What would my kids dress me in if they could choose my outfits?

See below for the results...
Vin's selection for me. Not bad. I probably would wear all this together, except for maybe the cat ears. Although I do like a little unpredictability.

And his jewelry choices are a little eccentric. I'm more of a less is more type.

This is Lane's pick. There is a clear difference in their tastes, eh? I like it, but again the mouse ears and accessories are too much.

The bracelets are totally wrong, and she picked out snowflake earrings. =/ 

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  1. It took me a while to figure out who Vin was.


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