Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Celebrity Interview Tuesday: Thomas Haden Church

March's MY BIGGEST FAN celeb interview in REDBOOK is with Thomas Haden Church, who I know best from his role as a quirky mechanic, Lowell, on the 1990's TV show Wings and for being the Sandman on Spiderman 3.

His cute 7 year old daughter, Cody interviewed him for the BIGGEST FAN article on p. 94 and adapted by Marisa Fox. Since I have a cute 7 yo daughter too, I'll have her interview me.

(DISCLAIMER: All responses by Cody are taken from the magazine, but are obviously taken out of context.)

LANE: How old are you?

ME: A lady never tells...the truth. Just kidding. Always tell the truth. I'm 30.

LANE: hmm... What's your favorite meal? And mom, once when you were sleeping, I came downstairs and got the duster and had to dust the glasses, because I didn't want you to get allergies.

ME: [makes a face.] Like dusted inside the glasses?

LANE: Yeah.

ME: Ew. Let's not do that again. The dishwasher does a good enough job cleaning off the dust.

LANE: OK. [walks to the kitchen to get duster under the sink.Vin, 3yo, runs to see what she's doing. Together they go into the next room.]

ME: Thomas Haden Church's son, Cody, do you have any questions for me?

CODY: Who is your favorite Disney character?

ME: When I was a kid, I'd say it was The Little Mermaid. I loved that movie and would watch it over and over again. I loved the soundtrack too. [I sing a couple lines from "Under the Sea"] My mom got it for me. Now, I'd say my favorite character is...Buffy. I know. Buffy's not Disney, but she's the strongest female character that TV's seen in a long time. I heart her.

CODY: I like Dumbo because he can fly with his ears. Who is your favorite character in this movie?

ME: What movie? Dumbo? Um...the pink elephants. [I hear the kids in the other room.]

VIN: [Yells.] I'm stuck! [laughs.]

LANE: [imitating me.] Vin, let's not lollygag. Let's not lollygag.

CODY: Do you prefer being in LA or in Texas?

ME: Oh, tough question. [thinks.] LA is so close to Disneyland, but commuting around there is a beast. Texas is where my sister lives now, but they do have thumb-sized fire ants. So, I'm gonna to have to say...neither.

CODY: I think you like the ranch here in Texas.

ME: ...huh?

LANE: Mom, I have another question. What's your favorite color?

ME: Don't you know?

LANE: Red?

ME: Yes. Red. Ask me a hard question.

LANE: I don't have any hard questions. Actually, what's your favorite dessert? What's your favorite book? And what's your favorite movie? [walks off before I can answer. I holler my answers into the other room.]

ME: There's a cafe in town that makes the best carrot cake in the world. Their slices are as big as my foot. I get one every year for my birthday.

LANE: Mom, Spike needs to go outside. [Spike, our dog, is sitting patiently by the back door.]

ME: OK. [She let's him out.] My favorite book...I'm currently reading Partials by Dan Wells. It's a YA fiction about a virus that has wiped out most of civilization, so ten years after the fact ppl are trying to survive and continue the human race. (link to book on amazon)

LANE: Oh. And mom. I stepped on top of this bench to dust the mirror. Is that OK?

ME: Yes. Just not the shelf next to it.

LANE: Well, I kind of already did.

ME: Well, don't anymore.

This is the spider robot they made yesterday.

ME: My favorite movie currently is The Help.

LANE: [Spike runs back inside.] I'll get Spike a toy. 

CODY: Hit them in the head!

ME: I'm sorry?

CODY: Tickle you!

ME: Was that a question?

CODY: To sink the tickle.

ME: [raises eyebrow.] Where are you going with this?

CODY: Were you like me when you were little?

ME: Verbally confusing? No doubt about it.

CODY: That's a lie!

ME: Oh. Pinocchio! That's a good movie too.

LANE: Vin, wanna play ping pong ball with a Zooble?

VIN: No. Don't understand me.

ME: My apples didn't fall far from this tree. [aims both thumbs at chest.] That's for sure.

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