Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Jackie O. / Addison Montgomery Dress

 I've been watching episodes of MAD MEN and falling in love with that early 60's style, and so when I came across a dress that had the same simple shape (and was only $15 on clearance rack at Sears) I bought it without hesitation. Imagine my surprise, when I flipped through REDBOOK and found that the March WHAT TO WEAR trend is Jackie O. dresses (p. 39-40).

I like my dress, because it reminds me of Addison Montgomery's style in Private Practice, which I've also been Netflixing in my limited free time. 
I call it my Addison Montgomery dress. 
Addison Montgomery  - credit website:

REDBOOK advertises Jackie O.'s as a TREND WITH BENEFITS, because of it's versatility--ability to go from day to night with a swap of accessories and shoes--and because the cinch in the waist takes off 5 pounds. I know that when I tried it on in the dressing room I looked thinner. And I got a ton of compliments when I wore it to work today. Even though I haven't gained or lost anything in 2 months, one guy at work said, "If you get any thinner, you'll disappear." Clearly, you can see that I'm not in danger of that happening, but I ate some ice cream today for good measure.

My dress is the same color as the one on the right and the same cut (minus sleeves) on the left.
Here are some other Jackie O.'s that REDBOOK advertises. I love the orange one.

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