Friday, March 23, 2012

'Til Cardiac Arrest Do Us Part

There's an article in REDBOOK on pp. 70-72 called, "4 Ways Marriage Makes You FAT (and how to stop it)" and I literally thought, "Only four ways?" It's seems like the early years of our marriage was a virtual cornucopia of fast food binges, feeding the sweet tooth, and staying in the rest of the time with 2 pizzas and a movie marathon. But in the name of keeping several chapters of the weight loss memoir veiled until the release date *cough* wheneverthatis, I'll stick to four ways my marriage made me fat.

4 Ways my marriage made me fat:

1. Pier 49 Pizza - Rick and I worked there together for the first year of our marriage. We got gourmet pizza at a discount price and ate it most nights of the week. I'd like to say that we gained the pounds of happiness during those first 12 months, and it'd be somewhat true, but mostly we had TERRIBLE eating habits. Fatness was inevitable.

2. Shared interests in TV and movies, food, and inactivity - We tried tennis one summer. Bought rackets and everything. We thought working out one Saturday a week for a couple hours of low-impact tennis was pretty good, but it's not. We didn't burn a dent the calories we consumed from fried foods.
My Southern husband deep fried my healthy fajitas. grrr.

3. Kids - Does this need an explanation? I'm a stress eater and I ate all the stress of being a new parent.
April 2008

4. Sweet tooth - I covered this, but it deserves recognition again. Rick and I both have a sweet tooth, but mine is 5 times worse for sure. I ate this dessert at a conference last summer. Guess what? I've got a conference next weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.
pant pant
You know what, dieteers?! I'll do better than that. I'll take photos of everything I eat on my 3 day trip. Stay tuned.

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