Thursday, April 5, 2012

I haven't forgotten you...

Hey friends,

I know I missed celebrity interview Tuesday, but I have a good reason.
I didn't get my new REDBOOK in the mail yet.
I went to the store to pick it up, and guess what?! They didn't have it either. They are still holding on to the March one. WTW, REDBOOK?
Are you guys having some issues?  I know from looking online that Kyra Sedgwick is on the cover, so it must be out. Is anyone else having this problem? And I know it's not from a lapsed subscription, b/c I renewed it for a year in December.


In any case, I expected to neglect this blog in April, but mostly cuz I've been participating in the A to Z challenge on my other blog: .

Check out that blog for daily posts from A to Z. 

Quick diet update:

Been cutting back calories and I let Jillian Michaels work me out so hard yesterday that I'm aching all over today. Going down the stairs feels just like the day after giving birth when the epidural wears off and you're all "What the hell was I thinking?".

Goals for the next two months: training for the Nestle 5K again.

Also, I did good on my vacation. Had veggies, salad, and a little bloomin' onion with my steak. But then I had cheesecake and my friend shared her ice cream with me. It was her birthday. What was I supposed to do? And then I got frozen yogurt smoothie that was made with "love" so I just had to eat it. Anyway, I guess I didn't do as good as I thought. But I swam 130 laps over that 3-day trip, so yeah. That counts for something, right?
I suck.


  1. Hi Rena!

    I'm eager to follow your journey! I'm hoping to start back on my healthy eating/exercising regime on May 1, so it'll be nice to read someone else who's doing similarly.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog!

    1. Hi Lynn! Glad you made it! It's a rough journey, but so worth it.


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