Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Celebrity Interview Tuesday: John Cusack

According to the May 2012 issue of REDBOOK, "John Cusack wants to surprise you" (p. 124). Marisa Fox interviews him about his role in The Raven, his interest in music, and romance.

In this post, Fox *unintentionally* asks me the same similar questions. I think if Fox were naming this post, she'd call it:

The Redbook Experiment wants to surprise you.


 Favorite City: 
New Orleans
 "The best beignets and the best troubadours in the world on the same city block. It doesn't get better than that."

New Music Obsession: 
"I love this song. Plus, there's a lot of variations on youtube so I don't feel guilty about listening to the song over and over again. Oh, let's be honest. I never feel guilty about that."

Hometown Haunt: 
The Beach
"My friends and I used to order Taco Bell, then drive to the beach after school and walk down the dock and eat."

RB: Were you a fan of Edgar Allan Poe growing up? 

ME: Yep. Not a massive fan, but I did enjoy the classic Poe stories, and I especially loved the episode of Gilmore Girls where two Poes show up for the Poe convention. I even have the t-shirt, "Faux Poe Foes".

RB: Of all the roles you've played, which one do you think is the most like you?

ME: What a good Mother's Day type question. I do fulfill a lot of roles: teacher, mother, wife, writer, correspondent, blogger, memoirist...seems like I'm forgetting some. But I'd say the ones that fit me most naturally are writer and mother. That isn't to say either job aren't a lot of work and loads of commitment. But they're worth it.

RB: I know music is a huge deal with you. Could you ever date someone who had different musical taste than yours? 

ME: Not successfully. Music is an extension of a person. It's the background to our lives, and if you tried to marry two soundtracks from two TOTALLY DIFFERENT movies (like Juno and Fast and the Furious), it'd be a cacophony of discordant sounds; like cats fighting in sack of balloons.

Some songs can't be mashed.

And no matter what. No matter what. They have to be into Weezer. (Which Rick is. =) )

RB: Do you think of yourself as a romantic person?

ME: Nope. Rick is the romantic. I'm the survivalist. He will be the one to buy me flowers, my favorite ice cream, and a homemade card, but I'm the one who's all, "How much did the flowers cost?" It's lame. I wish I wasn't like that, but habits start for a reason.

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