Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Celebrity Tuesday: Alison Sweeney

Blogging from my iPad. No keyboard, so it's really hard. Training for a 5k this weekend. First one of the summer. I've missed you blog. And it is clearly a bad thing when I let this blog go, bc I totally put on like 6lbs. I've been back on the wagon with a brief birthday hiatus for like a week. So my goals this summer are to lose ten lbs, and run a 10k. I'm also gonna take a Zumba class in the summer. Fun! Here are some of my favorite suggestions from Allison Sweeney (p.175) in may's issue of rEDBOOK. 1. consider exercise a treat not a chore. (I love this idea. It's how I approach workouts. Me time!) 3. Up your game. I hit a plateau and gained back some weight even. That's why I signed up for a race, and I have all these other wo goals too. It kicks my butt back into gear just like it does for Alison. 5. Call in the troops. This applies to the last one too, bc I'm running the race with two friends. 7. Walk away from the kitchen. Go for a walk when you have the munchies. I'm an emotional eater,and I need a distraction from my emotional nibbling problem.

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  1. Alison is a real inspiration for anyone wanting to lose pounds. Your overall appearance will change for the better if you work hard. Your countenance will look happier and stress-free just like Alison’s if you motivate yourself to work out every day. It’s never too late for any woman to become the woman they want to be, right?


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