Sunday, May 13, 2012

Injuries can be more mental than physical

Happy Birthday to me!
You know how you're doing good on your diet and then you have your birthday followed by your ten year anniversary followed by Mother's Day? And people keep taking you out to all-you-can-eat Brazilian cuisine at Tucanos and lasagna at Macaroni Grill and for brownie sundaes at Dalton's. And your friends and family keep throwing chocolate cake, Nestle chocolate mousse pie, and Reese's Pieces at you for your birthday, and for Mother's Day you get a Symphony bar celebrate your motherhood; a caloric token of gratitude and to keep those hips proportional for child-bearing purposes.

This is the part where you say, "BOO HOO! Your life is so hard!" And you're right. I'm very lucky to have friends and family who care about me enough to celebrate these wonderful few holidays. I had a helluva lot of fun, and I'm so thankful for my friends and family. The diction I used in that opening paragraph indicates that I wasn't responsible in any any of my food decisions. And that's simply not true. I chose. I chose to eat all that junk.

In my defense (If you're rolling your eyes at me, I don't blame you) I only had...

1 slice of the chocolate pie and I couldn't finish it.
1/3 of a bag of Reese's Pieces.
1 piece of chocolate cake.
1/2 a Symphony Bar.
1/2 of the brownie in the brownie sundae.

I actually managed to lose a pound this week. A birthdannimother'sday miracle. And it probably had to do with the fact that I'm training for the Women of Steel 5K next Saturday.

REDBOOK's Wedding Dress Challenge offered 16 nuggets of weight loss advice this month, and I picked out some of my favorites (Stephens 98-100).


#4 KIDS ARE FITNESS ACCESSORIES: One mom enrolls her kids in a mommy-and-me class to keep herself motivated and her family healthy. I enrolled my 7yo in a swim class and my 4yo in a mom-and-me swim class this July. It should be more of a workout for them than me, but I feel great about involving them in regular exercise. Plus, sometimes I run to the park while my kids are on bikes and I let them play on the equipment while I do laps around the trail and listen to Raditude on my Android.

#6 SCHEDULE WORKOUTS IN ADVANCE: I am thinking about doing a Zumba class in June once school is out. As far as now, I work every other day, and I work out on my days off. I'm pretty scheduled and it works well for me.

#16 TRACK YOUR STEPS: One woman uses a pedometer to track how much she walks a day. I used to have one but it fell off somewhere, and now I don't have one. But I do have an app on Android that is called Sports Tracker. It has a GPS function and measures my distance, time, and the number of calories I burn. It's awesome! Totally changes my workouts.

#3, 5, 9, and 10. Pretty much any of them that involve losing weight on a united front; husband and wife married together in the fight against heart disease and diabetes. I've been wanted to make my weight loss journey a martial pursuit for a long time, but my husband has two herniated discs in his lower back and isn't allowed to do anything strenuous. ANYTHING. He's in grad school and now he has to carry his books around in bag with wheels. He can't lift anything heavy, like putting the kids to bed or moving furniture or putting groceries away much less lifting weights or pounding the pavement in a footrace. It saddens me. He could stand to get healthier, but I know what it's like to have an injury. Sometimes injuries become more mental than physical and that can retard attempts to help oneself. I hope he can find the drive to take care of himself.

This week, I'm going to workout 3 - 4 times, including the 5K. I have plans to do this killer 12 move circuit I found in Shape magazine. It has to be repeated 3 times and burns 450 calories. It is a gooood burn. I limped up and down the stairs for two days after doing the workout the first time. The second time was easier, but the limping still bad.

And I'm stopping the gravy train of sweets and fatty foods. Back on the wagon. Maybe I'll lose 2 lbs this week. =) I know my muscles are much more toned after only beefing up the workouts for a couple weeks.


  1. Girl!! You gotta celebrate!!! Rock on!! I'm jealous that you're a runner-- I'm so not! I did manage to reach my goal weight- so I now have a new goal- maintain the weight & build some gorgeous muscle. I know about the sidelined w/ an injury- I'm getting over a broken ankle.. I'm 3 months in and still working on gaining movement and such.. Rock it out!!

    1. Thanks, Lainey. I know I should be celebrating,but sometimes all I can think about are my failures.


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