Sunday, July 29, 2012

A blog by any other name...

So here's the deal.
I haven't gotten a REDBOOK in the mail since April...or was it March? Either way, I've paid for the whole year, and I'm getting bupkis.

Before you get on to me about getting on the horn or emailing them, yada yada. That ship has sailed. (Geez, what is this? Idiom Hour?)

Fear not, exercise-enthusiasts. The show will go on. Just not with REDBOOK in the picture. I am using this opportunity to do something I've thought about doing for several months. I'm changing the name of blog. I'm not going to focus on REDBOOK's workouts anymore. (Which has been impossible to do without the magazine coming regularly to my mailbox, btw.) I'm going to be focusing on whatever workouts I find and like. I'll get 'em from wherever and I'll keep pushing my limits.

And just to prove my dedication, I'm all signed up for a 10K on Saturday! The Wasatch Wellness.
And I'm going PALEO! (At least for a month.)
And I'm going on a 5 mile hike tomorrow!

Suck it, heart disease and diabetes! You're not sinking your greasy sugar-coated teeth into this girl.

But...this does raise an issue. Since REDBOOK and I are breaking up (with no hard feelings, except that I'm out $2. What? I got a gift certificate through my work. It's still my $2. Is anyone having Better Off Dead flashbacks? But for reals, I'm not upset about this. REDBOOK helped me lose like 15 lbs, and they featured my blog in the magazine. I owe them.)...since we are parting ways, I need a new name for the blog. I'm thinking something still with "experiment" in the title. And nothing pigeonholing me to one particular workout. I am too adventurous to be stuck with straight-up yoga (for example) for the rest of my blog's life.

What should I rename it, readers (if there are any of you still out there)?

Help me out.
Inspire me. =)

In the mean time, here's some pics of what I've been doing while while I've been out.

Eating homemade taco pizza
Hiking the "Y".
Bambi or Dinner? [evil grin.]
Visiting local museum with family. Vin is in heaven. Clearly.
Lane and my sister's daughter. How'd they get to be so silly?
We have NO idea where they get it.


  1. How bout simply The Workout Experiment? Too plain?? Well good luck in finding a name and good for you for entering the 10K! I'm doing a Dirty Girl 5K obstacle course this Saturday with my daughter. Hope it goes well.

    1. Oooh. I like that. I'm going to have some tough choices. Facebook has offered up a lot of suggestions too. hmm...

      Good luck with the dirty girl 5K. (The name reminds me of a Buffy episode. =)) I'm sure you'll do awesome.

  2. What does going Paleo mean?

    I can't think of any titles. Sorry.

    1. It's more complicated than this, but essentially it's no sugar, no bread, no oils other than coconut and maybe one other, and nothing NOTHING processed or with additives.

      You basically eat proteins and veggies and fruits. That's it.

      I'm trying it for a full month. It's less about weight loss and more about living healthier. =)More posts to come on this.


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