Monday, July 30, 2012

Hiking to the Hot Springs

I'm still thinking on the new title of my blog, but in the meantime...

Today, I hiked to Three Forks Hot Springs in Diamond Fork Canyon. Round trip, it was a 5 mile hike, but had the added bonus of hot-tubbing right in the middle.

I turned on the Sports Tracker app before I left, but when my phone died so did my recorded info. I'm going to assume that I burned at least a bazillion calories.
(It's probably more like 800 or so, and I forgot to stretch after. I'm gonna be SORE!)

Highlights of this workout:

1. We saw 14 deer on the drive out and back. Twenty if you count the dead ones on the back of the city truck.

Cousin G and Lane
 2. There were dozens of butterflies. Friendly little buggers that kept landing on the kids.

Lane and Rick
 3. Sliding on the rocks on our butts and trying not to get skeeved out by the mossy coating. It felt like the rocks had been lathered in Eucerin and down feathers.

Remember when I used to be fat? Looking at myself now still shocks the hell outta me.

4. Seeing a beaver.

The "hot pots" from the view on the upper trail.
 5. Trying not to giggle every time the kids pointed out dams. "Dam! Dam! Mom, a dam!"

I love this picture! The girls are so funny.

6. How we could smell the springs before we got to them. Smells like egg salad sandwiches. But not in a good way.

Surprisingly no one got hurt. As a mom, I just expect someone to end up bleeding on an outing. Cuz no matter where we go, seems like someone gets an "owie". We could be going to a padded room full of packing peanuts; I'd bring a first aid kid just in case.

7. The view on the hike was beautiful. I can't believe I've never experienced the Uinta Mountains before.

Seriously, my sister makes The. Best. Faces.

8. This workout felt more like hanging with my family than sweating bullets. =) Those are the best kinds.

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