Friday, August 10, 2012

Going Caveman (Paleo)

Paleo Spaghetti. Noodles are from a spaghetti squash.
I've gone Paleo. The whole family has.
At least for a month.

What is Paleo?

No processed foods (at least as little as can be helped under the other parameters.)
No sugar, unless natural
No carbs, unless in fruits and veggies
No dairy.

What can we eat? 

Meats: chicken, pork, beef, etc.
Some oils (olive and coconut)

Recipes I've tried thus far:

Paleo Spaghetti. Whole family loved.

Bacon-wrapped eggs with zucchini and dill. One of my faves.

Salmon with dill wrapped in zucchini. Kids loved.

Zucchini boats. Paleo, if you don't sprinkle it with Parmesan.

Pre-paleo, but works minus the cheese. This is zucchini lasagna.
I've also made Spice Rub Crockpot Chicken, Apple Shallot Pork Chops, Paleo Chili, Collard-Wrapped Tilapia, and Easy Spinach Salad. (No pics as yet.)


Paleo is supposed to help reduce the symptoms of depression and other mental disorders.
It is supposed to help a person focus better when learning. 
It frees a person of their carb and sugar addictions.
It reduces snacking to nothing. Seriously, I haven't even wanted to snack since I started. Every meal fills me up.
It's healthier to eat unprocessed foods. DUH.
I'm teaching my kids to eat better, b/c I don't wanna be one of those moms who sends their kids to school hopped up on sugary cereals. I don't wanna do that to teachers anymore. And, I don't want my kids to be faced with diabetes in their 20s like I was.

Affects on kids?

They were fine the first 2 days, then the complaining started, b/c they were detoxing from all of the chemicals and additives in their pre-paleo diet.
Sometimes they miss their go-to snacks, cereal, and bread. If they finish their meals they don't want snacks, but if not...
Vin keeps stealing my old food when I'm not looking, so I'm not sure yet about his affects. 
They don't have sugar crashes anymore.
Lane at soccer practice. She's in maroon. The one that looks like a natural born soccer player.
Lane doesn't seem as hyperactive. She did excellent at soccer practice. Didn't get tired or grouchy.
At 7 yo, she looks like she belongs out there. Maybe she'll get a gold medal one day like the US Women's Soccer team. =)

My results?

I've lost 2 lbs.

Rick's results?

Looks thinner. Clothes are fitting better. He's not weighing in until the week is over.

Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso


  1. Are you doing anything to supplement the kids' calcium? I do partial paleo, but my kids still have dairy because I can't get them to eat enough kale and broccoli to make up for the lack of diary.

    1. I haven't quite figured all of the details out. I just started. I'm considering supplements, but that's sort of un-paleo. Do they carry calcium-enriched almond or coconut milk?

    2. Almond milk has more calcium than milk, but wouldn't that be considered processed?

  2. "Ug." (that's my caveman grunt.)

    sounds interesting. we're all about less processed foods (because Everyone in my family does better w/ the least amt of processing as reasonable).

    1. I like it a lot. It keeps me full all the flipping time.

      I haven't seen a huge change in the kids yet. Lane is a lot more calm, but I think I'll need another week before I get an actual read on their improvements.

  3. So how does Bacon factor into your unprocessed foods? Sodium Nitrite (used to cure the meat) is very bad for your brain. Canada is considering banning its use....Look for the Natural versions!


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