Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Options for renaming the blog...

(Subtitles can be mixed and matched. The core name would be permanent.) 

The Workout Experiment: from fat to fit one workout at a time.

The Cardio Experiment: kicking pounds to the curb.

The [different magazine name] Experiment: losing lbs. one _______ at a time.

The I-wanna-wear-skinny-jeans Experiment: Repeat after Jillian Michaels: "Skinny Jeans aren't boring."

Spanking the Spandex Experiment: If you were looking for porn, this is a weight loss blog. Buh-bye.

The Sugar Momma Experiment: Sweating away the sweets.

The Weight Loss Experiment: From fat to fit one pound at a time.

The Healthy Living Experiment: Bye, bye, butter. Hello, hummus.

The Head-to-Heel Health Experiment: Developing healthy habits for the whole body.

The Women of Steel Experiment: Kicking fat's trash, and doing it in heels.


  1. I like "Spanking the Spandex". I know big surprise that I pick the one that sounds like porn ;-)


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