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Paleo Week 1: Results

At the beginning of my 1st Paleo week, I took measurements.


Weight: 164 lbs. [Yes, I've put on some weight over the last several months. In January, I weighed 151, so this increase is really disheartening. I'm a stress eater, and it's been a ROUGH summer. I had 3 conferences back-to-back in June, and I started therapy this summer. And now, the school year is starting again on Thursday, so that's a barrel of stress. I sure hope Paleo helps me get my life back...and by the looks of it so far, it is.]
Waist: 31 & 1/2"
Hips: 44"
Thighs: 26 & 1/2"
Arms: 12"

Paleo Week 1 Results

Weight: 160 lbs.      [- 4 lbs.]
Waist: 29 & 3/4"     [- 1 & 3/4"]
Hips: 43 & 1/2"      [- 1/2"]
Thighs: 25 & 1/2"   [- 1"]
Arms: 12"               [ - 0]

Workouts this week:

Saturday: 10K
Monday: Last Chance Workout Cardio DVD for 40 minutes
Wednesday: Last Chance Workout Cardio DVD for 40 minutes
Thursday: Soccer training for 35 minutes

The 10K was technically last Saturday, but I'm still hella proud.

What we ate:

Most recipes were found from Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso. However, I did find some recipes online. Links below.

Photo credit:


 I ate bacon, eggs, and/or sausage for breakfast everyday, but I didn't want it to get boring, so I try variations of everything. Like egg-in-the-hole with zucchini instead of bread. Or a frittata with whatever veggies I have. Or bacon wrapped egg muffins. (I used this recipe, but minus the cheese and add chopped zucchini and rosemary.

Bacon-wrapped egg muffins


 I picked out 6 dinners from the Paleo cookbook. Each one had leftovers, which we used for lunches. But when that didn't always work, we ate pork chops, chicken, salads, roasted garlic tilapia (click me for recipe), collard-wrapped tilapia, etc.

Roasted garlic & red pepper tilapia and zucchini


Paleo Speghetti, Paleo Chili, bun-less hamburgers, crockpot chicken, crockpot pork chops, and pan fried cinnamon pork chops.

Paleo Spaghetti
"Cheat" Day:

On Saturday, I let everyone eat what they wanted all day. It was the incentive for the kids. If they ate well all week, then they got a "cheat" day at the end of the week.

I was going to give them a healthy breakfast at least, but I was out of eggs and bacon, so I made them grilled cheese. About a half hour later, my vision was blurry and I was dizzy and nauseated. The kids didn't seem to notice anything.

For lunch I took them to The Spaghetti Factory (I won $20 in gift certificates at the 10K and Lane had a free kid's meal from her school, so it was very economical.) I ordered meatballs, no pasta, b/c I didn't like the way I felt from breakfast's carbs. The kids ordered ravioli and spaghetti with meatballs. Lane ate all of the ravioli and complained of a stomach ache. Vin ate the meatballs and a couple of bites of spaghetti; he didn't seem to want the carbs. Rick had ravioli too and 3 glasses of milk. Milk was what he missed the most, he said. Then dessert came (all entrees at the Spaghetti Factory come with a little scoop of ice cream). Lane ate hers, determined to "cheat" to the fullest. Vin ate a third and didn't want anymore. I ate a third and couldn't eat anymore. Rick didn't eat any and got so sleepy from the milk and carbs that he couldn't keep his eyes open. I had to drive us home. Vin fell asleep on the way home and Rick took a nap when we got home. Rick looked bad. Really bad. His eyes were droopy and his face looked grey. He wasn't even making much sense verbally. It was as if his words and brain were off a few seconds. SO WEIRD.

Fast forward to dinner. I spent the rest of the night fighting a headache from eating a few slices of sourdough bread at the restaurant. So I ate Paleo for dinner.

Rick took the kids to the demolition derby in SLC. Vin took another nap on the way there. Rick didn't eat anything, b/c he felt so sick, and the kids ate nachos. Lane seemed ok, and both kids slept on the way back.

If you were counting, my 4yo took THREE naps on "cheat"day. Three. What the what?

I'm telling you, there's something to this diet. I knew I would feel better when eating healthier, but the contrast of eating processed, carby foods after being clean for a week was NIGHT and DAY.

Rick says he never wants a "cheat" day again.
I'm good with that.

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