Friday, November 16, 2012

Running around Disney World

I spent more than a week in Orlando, but I didn't spend the whole time eating and lounging about.

Here's the picture editorial of my vacation with one of my BFs, Lisa:

We walked around the world thrice.

Somewhere in "A Whole New World"

Smash Mouth Live

"I believe in love..." + the back of Lisa's head.


If I had waited a few weeks, I could've seen Weezer at Universal. Sad face.

Shouldn't he be bigger?

It edited for me. jk. Sort of.

Is there something on my back?

We got into some trouble.

Oh Yeah. Bet all you kids from the 90s are experiencing some "Hey, Jealousy" right about now.

He shook my hand.

 I heart him.

Traveling on route 66.

At a butter tasting, where an Irish man with a delicious accent, shared butter recipes with us.

My first experience with escargot. It tasted like bread and garlic.

A boat ride with the Disney folk.

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